I saw the fuss he was raising on Twitter. “Oh, it was just a joke on the girlfriend by training her pug haha”. And shared on social media. And became the mascot pug for lots of less than desirable people that weren’t joking. And, I dunno, illegal in your country. My thing? Get over it. Pay your little fine, get your pity party together to pay for it for you and then some. (proceeds from the original video surely pay for it already and more). Can’t feel much sympathy for a celebrity. I try, but it’s hard.

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Politicians don’t want to spend tax money (not their money but they find ways to make it theirs) on mental health. They’ll do it for prisons but not schools nor long term psychiatric care. If the same funds that used to be spend for long term care was spend on community mental health programs, simple outpatient facilities mental and wellness programs, I think you’d see less problems caused by the unstable. The problem isn’t precisely the loss of institutions: it’s the loss of mental health as a managed aspect of communities, whether institution or outpatient. In short: the money’s not spend on mental health anymore, not unless you’re of the correct class. Then the funds show up.

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I made this yesterday morning. I asked myself “what would I do in that situation?” I doubt James Shaw Jr would’ve known either and yet, he did the right thing. As soon as I posted it, someone was angry that it didn’t fit the “Good Guy With A Gun” narrative that my 2ndA acquaintances SO DESPERATELY seek. That’s not what they said but yes, it’s what they said. Guy’s a hero. Brave citizen. Deserved a faster tweet than whatever Hannity talked about 5 mins beforehand.

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‘ll put James Shaw Jr on this post as well. I remember from Boy Scouts, “Be Prepared” and it’s not preparation of supplies and equipment that’s so important as is preparation of mind, body, reaction. Will you do the right thing if it were you? James Shaw Jr. did the right thing. What would I do? I don’t ever want to find out. I doubt he could’ve known either, yet he did the right thing.

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