I’m not shocked as I kind of saw it coming but I was still surprised at the timing. I’ve been watching a downturn for a while, a new crop of friends suddenly, and less of the guy I remember. But I said it as I know it’s true: I AM the enemy. What he can’t see is he’s not my enemy. But it’s insurmountable right now. Ideology is fine in light doses but beyond a certain level, it takes relationships to places they might never otherwise go.

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Many people today get in a huff over the notion of white privilege. “I don’t have money. Grandparents were poor, etc” They call it “white guilt”. But they don’t really ‘get it’. It’s not whether or not you USE something. It’s that you _could_. Why am I able to get a birth record of my great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother and HER mother and father’s names? They weren’t erased from history. MANY PEOPLE took care of these identities, these facts. Housed them in a book that went through wars and political changes, was digitized and and retyped in a form that I could find “for free” with just a bit of digging. But, it wasn’t free. It was free FOR ME. I’m grateful for that and know that free (cost) and freedom (that I _could_ do it at al) should be extended to anybody and everybody.

Many people today get
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My great-great-great-great grandfather, born 1827 Csicsó, Tolna, Hungary (Austria) Came to the USA in 1855. CONTEXT: In the USA, when he was born: President: John Quincy Adams (DR/NR-Massachusetts) Vice President: John C. Calhoun (D-South Carolina) Chief Justice: John Marshall (Virginia) Privilege isn’t today’s $$$ in the bank or your parents or grandparents. Privilege is having a picture of my g-g-g-g grandfather, born in 1827 in Austria when John Q Adams was President of the USA while other ancestors that linked up later had been living in Branford, CT, New Haven Colony, Long Island, Elizabeth, NJ from the early 1600s onwards with the ability to find their records and stories and artifacts.

My great-great-great-great grandfather, born
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