Rhetoric is spacious. There is room for logos, pathos and ethos and all combinations of them. The art is using the best tool for the purpose. This doesn’t mean it will be successful and it has nothing to do with intent but in the judgement of the performance. The best rhetoric will seem invisible. It won’t seem “like rhetoric” at all. It will simply be accepted as true or valid. Well-formed logic fits within the realm of rhetoric as it is simply accepted-as-true or valid when it fits within the parameters of well-formed logic. But, the rhetoric that is _noticeable_ in well-formed logic only shows itself upon questioning logical axioms themselves NOT for their validity from within logical axioms itself but from other angles.

Rhetoric is spacious.

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You want ecological theories, where the state space itself changes with each state. There’s a number of those and I don’t know if they’re called ecological theories. But that’s what biological modeling uses, as, for example, to model life on earth properly you have to take into account systems whose state space changes continually. Creatures born and die. Pollutants enter rivers and start affecting crops (life), which affect animals and insects eating crops, etc.

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