If you’ve been hanging your hat on Sweden, cheering on “herd immunity” and being a bit Pollyanna about the whole COVID-19 thing… …they didn’t have anything special. They were merely behind. “But after a week of sobering data, Lofven now seems to be striking a darker tone. In an interview published on Saturday by Dagens Nyheter, he warned that Sweden may be facing “thousands” of coronavirus deaths, and said the crisis is likely to drag on for months rather than weeks.” https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-04-04/sweden-girds-for-thousands-of-deaths-amid-laxer-virus-response

If you’ve been hanging
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Hope is a positive spin on hopelessness but they’re both similarly “airy”. Hopeless is a negative emotional state. Sucks. Feels empty. Hope is a positive emotional state. Sunny and bright. Feels positive and full. That can have benefits that translate into better interactions with people or objects or one’s own self. But I think both hope and hopelessness is an abdication of action generally.

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For many, hope is what you do once you’ve completed all of the actions you’re going to do. Action then hope for the best after that. Prayer can be “give me strength” – which I think is one of the most valid prayers around – all the way to wishing for people or events to turn in a favorable way. I think people raised to pray before they go out and play football use prayer in the manner you’re talking about: pray then action. A way of centering, focus. But think for many average people, the order is: action, then hope and prayer for what’s leftover.

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It’s a meme from a week ago or so. We can’t bury our head in the sand though. Survival can include reduced lung capacity, medical problems for life, problems with reinfections, etc. Please wash your hands. Practice social distances. DON’T go to church in person and watch out for any crowds. It’s far better not to get it in the first place. There are fates that are almost worse than death. Be careful. Don’t be complacent. 1 Edit or delete this

 It’s a meme
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