I’d draw it out as such: Less is More More is Less Less is Less More is More So, Less is More implies expansive properties coming from viewer participation. More is Less implies clutter makes it difficult for viewer to participate and may obscure meaning or make viewer disinterested. (no focus / focus is scattered). Less is Less and More is More is what it is. Got less, get less. Got more, get more.

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Oh semiotics can get you there but, much like binary in computing, you can’t stop at a base level but must approach in a bottom up / top down simultaneously. Pierce’s Theory of Signs acts as a top-down hierarchical framework from which to then build up from primitives. But the theory of signs along is not enough to build a system, much as how boolean logic is a top-down framework upon a dual of 0/1 which can be built up from but is not enough in itself to do much. So inbetween the two you have subsystems.

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Your points are well made: the distinction between self-imposed austerity, austerity through necessity and austerity through outside forces is the difference here. Do I see internet access as a human right at this point? I do as I have watched many times the difference a single email account or _+some+_ route through a wall or ban has made in changing an oppressive situation. Most vivid for me was during the Serbia / Kosovo situation in the late 1990s. A young woman’s single email account where she was documenting daily the happenings in her village that was on the border was more informative than any news agency at the time – and preserved a point of view that was quite distinctly different from the HEROS VS VILLAINS narrative.

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Internet’s been shut off for 5 days in Iran which would normally be a technically difficult process as Iran does not have a national “kill switch”. But Trump administration Iranian sanctions over the past 3 years made it easy: Amazon, github, Apple, etc had been killing Iran’s access to web services for the past three years, systemically banning Iran’s people from the internet under pressure from the US government. So, this doesn’t surprise me. https://thenextweb.com/dd/2019/10/24/the-iranian-developer-deadlock-stuck-between-censorship-and-us-sanctions/

Internet’s been shut off
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Indeed. It’s basically a single player treasure hunt / puzzle game that originated as a text adventure on mainframes in the late 1970s and was famous in the 1980s as the beacon for the genre of interactive fiction which was popular at the time – and still continues in modified forms to this day. What this person did is used the descriptions of the areas in the text adventure, with its locations mapped out during game play (going East or North or West or South, Up or Down) – and created what they envisioned from those descriptions in minecraft.

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