(To those

(To those that think I waste time on this stuff, this whole thing took only 15 minutes from start to finish – the drawing then this text. Hopefully a useful use of 15 minutes of my life :D and I hope it helps someone -Ken)

This is the beginning of an idea that I'm having. I had an inkling, about what happens when Your attention, your "noticing ", is pulled. I see it's like a rubber sheet. Your attention can be pulled outwardly towards a loud noise, something you see out of the corner of your eye, words floating in the air that you overhear. More commonly, it is people demanding attention. Or quiet things in the background off in the distance.

Also, your attention can be pulled inwardly. Awe and amazement brings positive reinforcement to the idea. Or, a critical negative voice can appear that says "that's stupid ", or some kind of guilt or shame. Also, you may have just remembered something. Or, you are hit by an intriguing idea. That one is my personal fave. Also pain, and your body can draw your attention.

. And finally the worst of all, the destroyer of the inkling of thoughts, our emotional thoughts. I call them the emotional thought blackhole. They destroy attention because They can suck you down into a movie. A circle. That goes around, and around, and around. Depression, sadness, anger, are all some of the emotional thoughts that can take away your attention for a long time.

Even positive thoughts can take your attention away. Love, can be a circle that never ends. This can be good, all of these things can be good, but, they will take away your attention from the present moment.

This is just the beginning of an idea that I have. I am hoping that some scientist has already done this work for me. But, I had to get it on paper. And while I was Thinking of this idea about what grabs your attention, I engaged myself in the difficult task of keeping the idea long enough to write it down.

Your short-term memory lasts for only 15 to 30 seconds at the most. This means that you have to use a number of tricks in order to hold on to your attention long enough to get it out of your head and onto paper, or spoken. I noticed a number of tricks that seemed to hold this idea in my head long enough for me to get it down now.

They include Roman room, chunking of ideas, turning them into a song which works for me because I have a musical temperament, and that will be the subject of my next thing.

Kenneth Udut April 22, 2013

(all typing Errors courtesy of my *thing* about "the rough draft is perfect* and that I'm don't like editing – and also courtesy of SIRI, who did her best to transcribe my voice)^

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