at’s when I expect custome…

I think what made it such a great day: Productive, Outdoor Exercise. Lawn mowing for 2 hrs (most of it in the rain) – 1/2 hr swimming (totally in the rain – was wonderful) – then a great supper (mom made a killer greek salad and i cooked up some burgers in a cast iron skillet with onions and mushrooms – slowly – had it on good bread with a tall glass of milk (lactaid which i like ’cause usually i… don’t bother drinking milk). Now its raining again and I’m loving it. I got my workout. got a nice cut lawn (which the rain is making grow again as I type) a lawnmower that completely behaved itself – I barely had to pull the rope on that old thing and it started perfectly and tonight a few beers and late at night, find some random interesting people on G+ to talk to. If this was during the week, I’d kill myself ’cause that’s when I expect custome… “

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