At the time, I was investigating an intuition I had about Popper’s falsification being

At the time, I was investigating an intuition I had about Popper’s falsification being “not the best approach” and I searched high and low for a replacement that I could find acceptable.
I _think_ that Operationalism filled in that void and then I moved on and promptly forgot about the name but kept in mind the notion of time or steps is crucial for ascertaining truth with even more power than any logical statement. … and that truth tends to be circumstantial but there’s enough similarities that there’s usually not much wrong with generalizing when needed.. and generalizing is what humans so, so why not work with it.
My pondering from 2013, 2016 (Vine), 2019 (Coub because Vine was dead):
“What if there was no time left and yet you could do it all?”
The fascinating thing of time passing / aging combined with there being “plenty of room at the bottom” in spacetime to accomplish everything-all-at-once as well.
Present is eternal yet also it is the most complex thing as it is the only ‘thing’ in which we have maximal information and yet so much information that it’s impossible to process it all at once, so we need to look at the past to process it.. and we spend so much effort processing the past through time that we flip it over to anticipate this thing we call “future”.
It’s built not only into our human systems but memory is built into the smallest of life. And – it’s built into spacetime (spinglass properties, magnetism).
 Ah, just a 6s vine: illustration of the paradox of time passing while time is instant. The kind of thing that only really made sense in the short-form Vine. Comedy ended up dominating the format but I used it for “food for thought” things and bits of educational information, whatever I could squeeze in a 6.4s time limit: an enforced brevity.
Oh yes.
“Once knowing is no longer understood as the search for an iconic representation of ontological reality but, instead, as a search for fitting ways of behaving and thinking, the traditional problem disappears.”
I abandoned universality even though I may still talk in its ways a few years back and decided upon a quest for “What Is True For Me?”
But I try to avoid explicitly stating that unless I have to as that can change the nature of the particular conversation.
An example of changing the nature of communication is having a deep discussion about something and then abruptly stopping and asking a personal question. You can hear the record needle scratch, the flow is gone, and the “thing that gets created inbetween” when there is communication – that shared 3rd mind – is gone.
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