at reading expressions. R…

I suspect I have a subtle/or-not-subtle (I dunno which!) “agenda” when I talk to people: I don’t do well with emotional content. So, in conversing I think I purposely “ignore” the emotional content – aware of it fully – and I know exactly what the ‘feeling’ is – but I try to “tug it loose”, like tugging a fiber of carpet mashed upon by a wad of gum, until it’s free. I can’t always remove the gum…… but if I can tug the carpet fiber loose, then maybe the fiber, over time, can work the gum out itself. Sometimes it gets mashed back in. But I try, my damnedest and hardest, to tug that fiber free so it can at least breathe for a few minutes before somebody goes ahead and steps on their head again, mashing them back into the wad of gum I just tugged them free from. So yeah, I’m probably lying when I say that I’m no good at reading expressions. R… “

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