At least I have nice enoug…

1) lol and 2) I was also taught that. Never turns out that way though. I end up “tossing loosely” so it gets maximum air around it to keep the wrinkles out and I try not to put too many other articles on top of the more wrinkle-able clothing. I generally buy 60/40 cotton/poly (or somewhere around there) so I don’t have to worry about the wrinkle problem. Although, if only I could get away with… it – I’d wear linen. Thin linen dockers were the *most comfortable* pants I ever wore, summertime-wise. They had them back in the late 90s for short time and I was in love. But of course, they disintegrate quickly and, well, I couldn’t find them anymore. I’ve tried “cuban pants” (which is all they really were) but around here cuban pants come in *one size* with a drawstring and no pockets. So, alas, black denim shorts it is. At least I have nice enoug… “

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