at least come up with an easy process I can repeat,

I use whatever I have to. I try to get away with combining useful programs and making a batch file when I can, or at least come up with an easy process I can repeat, rather than writing a specific program.

More than likely, I end up putting the logic and the process in an Excel spreadsheet with formulas. I like everything being exposed, not having to compile, instant feedback. Since most projects are just for myself, I don’t need to make executables, just get the results I want.

But I’ve done stuff in Turbo Pascal, PHP, played around with Erlang, C++, C, tried teaching myself FORTH, Python – I can’t think of all of them. Tried to grasp Haskell … didn’t ‘click’ with me. Perl made sense.

Mostly, though, the extent of my programming in real languages is getting working code and modifying it slightly. I rarely do things from scratch. Since Excel is my go-to Scratchpad, I usually end up doing things from scratch and there, and rarely have to move elsewhere when I need to manuever information around. Or whatever other tools suit the task. I have a whole bunch of little programs on my computer to do all kinds of things. I like being able to turn anything into anything without much effort because I’m lazy, hence efficient tongue emoticon

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