aspects with dimensions

Existence: Being, presence, absence, continuity, change
Space: Size, shape, position, direction, distance
Time: Duration, sequence, rate, frequency, age
Matter: Mass, density, volume, composition, state
Energy: Force, motion, potential, kinetic, transfer
Information: Content, structure, accuracy, relevance, usefulness
Consciousness: Awareness, perception, attention, thought, emotion
Agency: Power, control, influence, responsibility, accountability
Intentionality: Purpose, goal, aim, plan, strategy
Meaning: Significance, interpretation, implication, symbolism, metaphor
Value: Worth, importance, desirability, utility, benefit
Ethics: Morality, justice, fairness, rights, obligations
Aesthetics: Beauty, harmony, form, expression, creativity
Culture: Tradition, language, beliefs, values, customs
Society: Organization, hierarchy, norms, roles, institutions
Politics: Power, authority, governance, democracy, justice
Economics: Production, consumption, exchange, distribution, growth
Science: Empiricism, rationalism, theory, experiment, observation
Technology: Invention, innovation, application, efficiency, sustainability
Environment: Ecology, biodiversity, conservation, pollution, climate
Health: Physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental
Education: Curriculum, instruction, assessment, achievement, literacy
Art: Medium, style, genre, technique, interpretation
Religion: Belief, worship, ritual, tradition, spirituality
Philosophy: Epistemology, ontology, ethics, logic, aesthetics

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