aspects, dimensions, and facets

The hierarchy presented can be organized into three levels: aspects, dimensions, and facets. Here’s a suggestion for naming each level:

Aspects: These are the broad, overarching themes that encompass various related concepts. Examples include Existence, Space, Time, and Consciousness.

Dimensions: Each aspect is divided into specific dimensions that represent different areas or attributes of the aspect. Examples include Being, Presence, and Absence (within Existence), or Size, Shape, and Position (within Space).

Facets: These are the finer details or attributes within each dimension, further illustrating the variety and nuance in each dimension. Examples include essence, identity, and nature (within Being), or magnitude, scale, and extent (within Size).

This hierarchical structure helps to organize the complexity of each aspect, breaking it down into more manageable and distinct elements while maintaining a comprehensive and abstract perspective.

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