Asks Interesting, Stimulating Questions and writes with a strong, effective, personal voice that is pursuasive.

If you have reports from when you were in school that explain “how they saw you”, go back and review them sometime. You might find some good insight on things about you that you aren’t aware of, stuff you might have ignored back then.

This is for an American History class from 11th grade and it easily applies to any writing at any time, including today. I remember receiving this and took it to heart. I’m 43 now, and having a strong, effective personal voice was always important to me. Going back through other report cards, even back to Kindergarten, the pattern is there and it’s strong.

Writers write but what you write and how you write – I suppose it’s something “in you” that can be nurtured or ignored or discouraged. I was discouraged by several art teachers [I was sensitive about art work] but I wasn’t sensitive about writing. Writing was just something I “did” and do. i don’t know why really.

Point is, a good compliment can carry you far and use past compliments to carry you through when you’re discouraged.1989-american-history


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