as very young – and i than…

i had a imilar debate about this on Google+ (i found a good controversial topic I think!) – in his case, he was talking about sociopaths, ex-husbands who went through bad divorces that took them 15 years to come out of their shells — etc — and he was also right, and you’re also right. There are always going to be extreme situations which take extreme measures – domestic violence, crimes – punis…hment exists for the population that cannot be rehabilitated. Rehabilitation doesn’t work for all, in which case, fear of punishment keeps them appearing honest. But my main point in this was simply picking the battles and gathering coping skills for the battles not worth fighting. For if every slight becomes a fight, then when you’re -not- fighting, you’re waiting for one to happen. that’s the state of mind I had when I was very young – and i than… “

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