As long as you don’t try to drag the USA into your personal issues, I’m sure there’s real estate elsewhere you can claim for your intentional community.

As long as you don’t try to drag the USA into your personal issues, I’m sure there’s real estate elsewhere you can claim for your intentional community.

Just leave my America out of your problem. Thanks.

Oh, but it is. What you want isn’t America. It’s some weird sci-fi fantasyland.

If OP wants Poland, I’m sure you can strike up a deal. But their idea of white includes being Polish. Your form of white _solely_ exists in the USA and is idiotic as a concept elsewhere.


True but that’s what makes whiteness a toxic thing.


I know some estonian ethnonationalists (2), so you’ll be fine there. Just don’t be overweight apparently. Also, they like far right memes a lot and think they understand American politics well.

oh, and you’ll have GREAT internet, a good socialist type healthcare and banking system. Very advanced in tech and travel… so long as you’re appropriately bigoted for the culture. You’ll do fine.

eh, stupid idea. Those parts of the world are set to stagnate in development.

Until about 5 yrs ago, yeah. Then puppet accounts were discovered.


Pre 2011/2, y’all kept in your corner. Now it’s messy.


new batch of grandpas who didn’t wait 50 yrs to get snarky.

It’s fine. You have your hills to fight that don’t intersect with mine. I happen to love the multicultural, global engagement (but not most of US foreign policy in our warhawkishness nor our attempts to colonialse “American values”) of the USA. In principle if not always practice as it were.

For Britain’s battle? It’s not my island. I have opinions but they’re only of minimal value as it doesn’t intersect with mine, unless there are human rights violations — then it does.


I didn’t like the misleading tactics that were used in promoting brexit for the vote. But I didn’t follow it closely. Like with the US, I didn’t like how so many US citizens are being misled by our right-side.

But politics is nasty stuff, so i shouldn’t be surprised. I just don’t like when good people get played for suckers by politicians amplifying their average xenophobia into ridiculousness.

I got czech background and Mason, you’re embarrassing to me as that, as an American, as a man and as a human. You do not represent well.


Maybe you represent well for Texan. I hear Texans roll differently.


True. I expect some basic xenophobia from Texas but not 4chan /pol level toxicity from Texas. I also know some Democrats and independents from Texas. Pretty diverse state but like most, the standouts represent alas.

You mean the boi who started an online fandom from his mom’s bedroom and likes to wear prep-school smugface everywhere? Yeah, he needs to get forgotten.

I’m in Florida (15 yrs now) and it’s a pretty diverse state. It’s why FL is used as an election litmus. It tries to be like Texas sometimes but it’s not. Texas is Texas. I don’t know how I’d do in deep south (Alabama, SC, etc) I’m from NJ and deep south always seemed like an alien planet.

Lake and Polk County in FL are two embarrassing spots in FL. I cringe when they end up in social media…


Ironic OP is Slav-American talking about wanting white USA. 1910s Eugenics were anti-Slav and were turned away at Ellis Island after a xenophobic political head was appointed.

In short, were not welcomed in USA for a lot of years. Considered inferior stock.


Slavs took a long time to be considered white in the USA.

When did Slavs melt into the melting pot to be considered plain ol’ boring white without facing discrimination issues?


“Between 1886 and 1925, 13 million new immigrants came from southern, eastern and central Europe. Up until that point, people considered white generally hailed from England, the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and Scandinavian countries. Roediger, a professor at University of Illinois, argues that new immigrants, until they were fully brought into the white family, lived in a state of in-betweeness, meaning they were placed in a racial pecking order below whites but above people of color.”

Pushing for whiteness is ultimately detrimental. Whiteness in the USA is *still* “England, the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and Scandinavian countries”.

Whiteness pecking order in USA is I’d say: England, then Netherlands, then Scandinavian, then German, then Irish. It goes downhill from there. It’s implicit bias at this point, but it’s still there.



I suggest OP abandon this hill.

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