As I go through my Project,

As I go through my Project, which starts when i wake up and even continues when i sleep (it simply involves *noticing* – see below)* – one strange side effect I’ve noticed is this:

Everything feels like smooth glass.

My skin, everything I touch – even this very keyboard in front of me.

and food tastes and smells great (although I figured that was due to quitting cigarettes, which is probably is)

So I just decided to look it up and see if it means anything.

I came across this:

[…] altered perception of space and time

positive basic mood,


changed meaning of percepts,

facilitated recollection or imagination

significantly increased self-confidence,

heightened mood




sensitivity and emotional excitation.”

and.. well… this is part of a description for the rave drug Ecstasy.


Just doing what I’m doing.

I’m guessing I accidentally tripped over methods to naturally increase levels of Serotonin in the brain.

Yes, I will definitely put this together in a book. Or ten. Or do *something* with the knowledge I’m getting. ‘Cause it’s way too useful for me to keep to myself.

#serotonin #memory #mind #happiness #love

*(the Project involves gently noticing myself and everything around me at the same time while I go about my activities – that’s my main data collection – as well as note taking: ”write it down before you forget – and you have only a few seconds to do it in before it’s gone”)

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