As do I. I’m a systems analyst by training

As do I. I’m a systems analyst by training and practice consider things in terms of systems. Not my job to ascertain truth value. Just make stuff that works and is fit to specs.

[haven’t DONE it in a long time but once you start seeing things in those terms and make workable systems that function (on a computer), it’s hard not to see things in those terms].

 <– Systems Analyst II at Schering-Plough Pharma for a few years in the late 90s/early 2000s. Of course I didn’t *KNOW* what that title meant nor did I care. I just pulled a shitload of data together that was a mess and fed it whatever lies they wanted to go out to the sales reps in the field in order to convince them to convince the doctors that they NEED to prescribe more Claritin instead of Allegra.

Believe me, I had to give up on truth and just work on systems.

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