As a guy who spent his life in the profession, I think he’s trying to save them from themselves.

He’s using the compliment sandwich there.

“Compliment, complaint, compliment”

“You’re great! But you really gotta work on this issue because if you don’t, I’ll kill your family personally. But really, you’re great!”.

I respect that Dan Rather came out of retirement to play the role of Edward R Murrow and Walter Cronkite and stuff. Nobody else was doing it.

Reporters who keep whining instead of reporting, which is his main point here, will put the gravestone over MSM. As a guy who spent his life in the profession, I think he’s trying to save them from themselves. He’ll probably fail. But I respect the attempt.


Comcast: $69 billion
Walt Disney: $49 billion
News Corp: $41 billion
Time Warner: $23 billion
Viacom: $14 billion
CBS: $14 billion

I doubt they’re dying. Trump and Milo wishes and Bannon dreams.

People with regular 9-5 jobs don’t have time/energy to scour through alt media. What do they go to?

The news.

What’s the news?

Owned by one of those guys.


Bob’s a fiction. I have real people on my various friends’ lists, a balance of political leanings. [on purpose because I didn’t want FB to guess my politics: They have me as “moderate” ]

Here’s the thing (and it’s annoying as hell to me): Clickbait works. It actually works. You’re wise to the game. I’m wise to the game. But even your fictional Bob with the model ship who gets on FB to post his model ship to his model ship FB group will see a clickbait headline from one of his model ship building friends and click on it.

Alt media is full of clickbait titles. Fake scandal. MSM is full of clickbait titles. Fake scandal.

It works. Pisses me off but it works.


I couldn’t do factory work. Data entry was the closest thing I could do to factory work. That’s a repetitive task I can easily do for 8-10 hrs a day and I did.


Here’s where the au contraire comes in:

Trump winning makes them stronger.

Now there’s an “us vs them” set up. Perfect wrestling match.

Those on the Trump train or sympathetic to them will follow the more red news outlets.

Those who see him as sending the planet into a hellhole or who are sympathetic to them will follow the more blue news outlets.

Red vs blue is on and it’s strong. They might have died if Trump lost. But with him winning, the battle lines are drawn now. It’s been interesting to watch.


You have weird inbetweeners though: Look at Bill Maher + Milo. They’re like twins in almost every way. One *seems* more blue and one *seems* more red. But they’re like twins.

So that’s a 3rd segment of blueish-red that’s gaining strength.


I predict Milo’s getting groomed right now for mainstream TV. Now that he’s got Maher’s adoration, it won’t be long before he’s folded in.


That’s Glenn Beck’s outlet right? Yeah I could see that although I’d think Info/Wars would be an even better fit ’cause Beck lives and breaths conspiracy. Whoever he thinks the establishment is, he goes opposite. Definite character


I saw one of Glenn Beck’s shows once, long ago when I actually looked at my TV for a change.

He had a chalkboard with stuff on it. Talking about some complex of corporate, government, military, etc. Seemed interesting and intelligent… at first.

But then he started connecting dots.

ugh. Had to turn it off.



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