arty” but I’ll have to check.”

I could initial things, “G.A.K.” – gak! love it. I actually have never read Deepak Chopra, although I’ve seen him speak on TV a few times. I’ve read a lot of Osho years ago, and a great little book on Vipisanna meditation… my first introduction was at 11 years old: “Zen and the Art of Tennis” (played tennis for like a year as a kid – haven’t played since) – “hold the ball like a bird – neithe…r so tightly that you crush the life out of it, neither so lightly that the bird flies out of your hand”… i still remember that. Guru Amardas Kudut – I’ll have to look up Amardas when I get a moment. I think Kudut means something on top of it all, but I’m not 100% sure. I think it means, “Rockin’ Party” but I’ll have to check. “

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