Artificial Intelligence – stop worrying already.

ai-constraintsIf an artificial intelligence is allowed to rewrite the code that affects moral behavior, then it is the fault of the programmers, nothing more.

Here, I made this for you to illustrate:
See the solid black box? All the freedoms are still programmed freedoms. Even systems that can reprogram themselves can only reprogram themselves within the limits of “how humans” _can_ think, fu
ndamentally. We’d only have to be concerned with an ALIEN AI – *or* with a _poorly made_ human AI. Properly programmed AI can recode itself all it wants and there will be no problems.

It is not _I_ who is committing the fallacy here. Humans are not like computers. Computers are like humans… very tinny, fast but easily rekt humans.

There is no human vs AI goals conflict. War Games was an awesome movie but it was a movie. AI is programmed by people. It’s capabilities are programmed by people.

If AI knocks us out of the #1 spot then it’s due to poor programming.

That’s a religious belief – an article of faith, not a fact. It’s fine if you believe it but know it for what it is.

We’ve never *been* in control. We’re monkey’s playing with toys. If we create a machine that makes other machines that can destroy us, well, boo hoo, we should’ve paid more attention to what we were doing.

Can we create a machine that can destroy us?
We already have from the beginnings of time.

First flint knife? I bet someone accidentally sliced their own throat with it while admiring it. Nothing new here.

I don’t share Hawkings and the rocket-x guy’s worries about artificial intelligence.

I worry about ethics in technology and programming. _That’s_ where the focus should be. Whether it’s artificial intelligence or a plastic toy that a 2 yr old can choke on, it’s the same thing: PAY ATTENTION to what you (human) are manufacturing.

AI is just a technology like any other, subject to proper use or abuse and without proper safeguards or watchdogs in place it can result in problems, but rarely disaster. Someone will stop things before they got too far. They always have. No reason it should stop now.

I think you’ve bought into the hype.
We create them. AI doesn’t exist without people creating it.

People people people people.

We do it wrong? Then we do it wrong. AI is nothing if nobody programs it. AI is something good if programmed right with proper constraints. AI is something bad if programmed with too much capability and not enough backdoors and safeguards.

It’s nothing by itself. Wont even get started without people.

You’ve personified AI.

People who deal in ideas and mathematics fear AI because they’ll lose their jobs. That’s all. Same reason people who worked in factories feared robots.

Did they lose their jobs? Yes they did.

They got other jobs.

What’s new?
Making machines that work for us? Making machines that ‘think’ for us? Making machines that get out of control and kill people?
Let’s see: Industrial Revolution. People feared it. People did die. Then we figured out how
to control it better.

It’s not that AI isn’t novel but it’s not entirely new. Fear of the future is DEFINITELY nothing new. That’s based mostly on cultural artifacts from Apocalyptic notions that is based upon a Western reading of the Revelation of John about end of the world and such.

We’re just replacing 666 with AI. Substitution, that’s all.

Your fear is grounded in superstition.

All the evidence points that for as much as is novel, not much changes outside of the machines that work for us.

You can declare fallacy all you like but you should consider dismantling the sources of the concepts you espouse and the feelings you have towards them. You’re preaching someone else’s gospel and can’t even see that you’re doing it.

All of our ideas and fears about AI are just re-hashed Asimov and decades of dissecting it, finding flaws, treating it as THE SOURCE for all our knowledge of the subject.

But the fears are fictional. We’re not living in his books and we’re definitely not living in the Apocolypse of John’s book.

AI can’t escape limits of its programming, which INCLUDES its abilities to reprogram itself.

Your logic may be perfectly sound but based on a flawed premise.

You’re projecting too far.
It’s like the fear of a mad scientist cloning people.
What happened? Laws quickly went into place restricting the activity before it got started.

Guess what will happen when AI gets far enough to be a worry?
Same thing.
No reason to believe otherwise.

Massive amounts of people fearing something brings their fears to people with the power to put CONSTRAINTS on things.

Will some escape?

Sure they will.

Then it’ll be contained. No reason why this would be any different or anything special. People debated hotly about Dolly the clone in the mid 90s here on the ‘net. I was there for that. Saying the same things. Same thing happened. People were JUST AS believers as you are about this, as they were about that.

The fear isn’t AI. Put your fear in the right place:
The fear is that SOMETHING WILL CONTINUE FOREVER UNCONTAINED because nobody put constraints on it.

Well, guess what? We have societies. They put constraints on things.

Think about what you’re doing:
You’re telling people something. That’s a social activity.
You’re raising awareness. That’s a social activity.

For what aim?
So society will put constraints on an activity that could be dangerous if gone unchecked.

I’m already aware of it. I’m also not the least bit worried about it because if *I’m aware*, I learned it from someone. That someone likely informed many more people than JUST ME.

Therefore, *I* don’t have to ring the warning bells and can relax.

My concern is what’s in front of me.
You’re in front of me,virtually speaking. You’re fighting a common fight, being fought in forums all around the Internet, people are getting riled up and excited about. It’s a mass panic movement.

My concern is for you. I don’t care about the rest of it. If I was ringing the bells of concern along with a million other people, then I’m replaceable – I’m expendable. Someone else will take my place to raise awareness.

But nobody is taking my place right here and right now, concerned for their friend James who seems genuinely concerned about something entirely out of his hands to control.

THAT’S something I can do something about. So that’s why I’m still here chatting.

If you merely want to win a logical argument> Here, you win. I need say no more.

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