Arrogance – SWAG would be a modern synonym.

It’s a matter of degree. Here’s some synonyms which might tie your concept better to other existing concepts such as ego, self-esteem and and such :

SWAG would be a modern synonym.

chutzpah pretension disdain hubris aloofness ego pride egotism vanity nerve pompousness self-importance gall superciliousness presumption self-love crust pretentiousness airs swagger hauteur priggishness haughtiness ostentation pomposity brass loftinesd conceit cheek audacity braggadocio bluster insolence smugness imperiousness contemptuousness disdainfulness conceitedness high-handedness overbearance scornfulness

Swag is interesting. My ne’s attitude towards swag is negative. Last year it involved duck lips, whip and nae nae. This year, it involves bottle flipping, a way of sticking your tongue out to the side, one of three hand signals and, most importantly, the dab.

Oh, and the hair.


arrogance/n is in [arrogance,haughtiness,highhandedness,lordliness]
[arrogance,haughtiness,highhandedness,lordliness] is an instance of [pride]
[pride] is an instance of [trait]
[uncommunicativeness] is an instance of [trait]
[reserve,reticence,taciturnity] is an instance of [uncommunicativeness]
reserve and reserve/n related by noun.attribute
modesty/n is in the synset [modesty,reserve]
Unique path


What’s fascinating to me is that modesty really *is* a true antonym of arrogance. There’s usually many paths through diverse concepts to get from one to another, but here there is only one, unique pathway and that is through their shared parent, which is [trait].


It’s a little slippery there. I see a little post modern definition shifting going on.


Judgemental? Perhaps. But I see it more as a sliding category error.


Assumption is “Drive”
Arrogance is “Pride”

They’re both distinct traits at the connection point.



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