Are you, who you are, in re

Are you, who you are, in relation to other people, or are you, who you are, with respect to yourself? If you define yourself based on your relationship with other people, what if the other people are no longer around? Then who are you? That is the question everyone must face in their lives at some point in time or another. For no role you play lasts forever, and relationships change. But who you are to yourself – that is something you carry with you wherever you go, at whatever stage in life you are in. Coming to an understanding of self is, perhaps, one of the most difficult problems faced by each of the seven billion individuals on this planet. A task that takes a lifetime. But be aware: the first mirror you see will be a carnival mirror – distorted, misshapen, based upon the images of self brought to you by those around you and by false impressions of self set in stone when you were very young. It takes many iterations of clearing the dust off the mirror, of reshaping it, before you reach a true picture of self. I do not know what happens when you reach that point: I only hope to reach it myself before I leave this place. But it is a lifetime of exciting discovery – it is never boring, and always illuminating. Be not afraid – everybody else has to look at you – now i dare you to look at yourself. Are you ready? You can wait for now, but on a dark and lonely night, about 4 am, it will happen. Get a notepad and pen ready and start writing, for you will learn more about yourself and all of humanity in the darkness than many people learn in a lifetime of distraction.

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