Are nuns happy?

As a kid, I was methodist. I knew an Anglican (Episcopal) nun a few towns away. She was very happy and social, working with the community.

In my 20s, I had a data entry job at a Roman Catholic university and saw nuns, monks and priests there. The nuns there seemed very happy (as did the monks and priests). It made me realize it’s a lifestyle I could do.

Just after that, I converted to Eastern Orthodox. Spent a little time (not much) in a monastery. They were happy there, I enjoyed it. I knew I could do it. Monks are male and female in the Orthodox, “There is no male or female in Christ”, although monasteries are nearly always gender separated for practical reasons.

I’m not with them now. I’ve been agnostic for a long time but I enjoyed my experiences with them.

So, my overall bias is that, yes, they seem to be generally happy.

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