are electrons controlled by magnetism or electricity/

are electrons controlled by magnetism or electricity/

or is electricity or magnetism PROPERTIES of electrons?

How many electrons are needed for these thigns to work?

Are electrons the CAUSE of electricity?

My thoughts are: We live in this modern world of electricity, of electrons – are able to manipulate them using easily accessable forces – magnetism, electricity.

But look at what trouble we have to go through to do anything to a nucleus? or is that what radiation does?

ARE THERE FORCES like electricity or magnetism that operate on the level of the nucleus? (subatomic scale)?

Could we configure electrons (since we’re able to control their flow/etc easily using relatively common materials – properties of semiconductors like silicon for example) –could we configure them to work like machines to control the nucleus within – to interact with it?

now what about QUARKS? the scale of these things is SO TINY that what appears to be random or invisible to us, would be common or everyday to things of that scale.

IF it turned out that electrons had discrete particles (could be divided), which at the moment, they’re believed to be ‘solid’ (probably pure fast spinning energy, i think) – then you could use electrons to create a computer to control those smaller particles – without the intervention of BIG MACHINERY on this end – and be able to display the results on the electrons themselves, without having to move UP to our BIG level of existance.

since we already understand a lot of how to manipulate electrons, it seems logical that we can use them to manipulate smaller things. (look at a scanning electron microscope – to me, the ultimate use of electrons)… – we get the electons to see themselves when they see the tops of atoms…

back to the question of ‘what causes electricity? is it a force or is it created BY electrons, OR IS IT A property of electrons? Does it work with a SINGLE electron, or does it need many many electrons acting in concert with each other?

And how is this related to photons / lasers? what is the relationship between photons and electrons? I think this is the territory of quantum electron dynamics.

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