Apparently, Kenneth Udut is a Protectionism… or at least an Mercantilist. Who know? I didn’t!

How fascinating: the “isidewith” test identified me as more a fan of “Protectionist” economics.  I didn’t know what that even was.  Apparently, it’s based on Mercantilism, the economic theory that Adam Smith famously shredded way back when.
Philipp Wilhelm von Hornick in 1684 outlined Mercantilism in bullet points and as I’m reading it, I’m agreeing with it, not as an absolute policy for a nation (because we DO need to help each other out as well) yet, generally, this is how I side at the moment.  I’m surprised to be honest.  Learn something new every day, eh?
That every little bit of a country’s soil be utilized for agriculture, mining or manufacturing.
That all raw materials found in a country be used in domestic manufacture, since finished goods have a higher value than raw materials.
That a large, working population be encouraged.
That all export of gold and silver be prohibited and all domestic money be kept in circulation.
That all imports of foreign goods be discouraged as much as possible.
That where certain imports are indispensable they be obtained at first hand, in exchange for other domestic goods instead of gold and silver.
That as much as possible, imports be confined to raw materials that can be finished [in the home country].
That opportunities be constantly sought for selling a country’s surplus manufactures to foreigners, so far as necessary, for gold and silver.
That no importation be allowed if such goods are sufficiently and suitably supplied at home.


As an absolute, no-wiggle-room-allowed economic police state policy, its benefits would eventually run dry.

HOWEVER, as a “general stance” _allowing for_ some free trade as well and support of struggling nations through other policies, it could work well.


He had a tremendous impact on the world economy and continues to. But I think the baby can get thrown out with the bathwater as it were. Business class is corrupt *yet* from a national POV, a semi-isolationist economy is not necessarily a horrible thing. Historians love to blame, I dunno, just about ALL post medieval war on mercantilism and perhaps they were somewhat correct.

But after 300+ years of Adam Smith’s rule, maybe a little protectionism wouldn’t be the worst idea for a few generations


Reading this, discovering that I indeed HAVE an economic stance, I felt like I’d reached in my pants and discovered, “Oh look, I *do* have a penis. What’s it do?”



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