Anyway, you didn’t ask for a dime store analysis but neither were you offended

That sentence doesn’t compute. But no offense was intended. I just noticed something of interest and, gauging by your responses to me, you find it interesting, so I was likely correct.

But my motivation? No idea. Just spotted something. Said something. Felt like pulling you aside and saying, “Hi” smile emoticon Anyway, I’m a distraction. Don’t mind me smile emoticon
Oh, no need to be afraid. I’m not selling pots and pans, demonstrating the relative truth value of my statements vs the other brand. It doesn’t matter to me whether you believe me or not. It’s nice when it happens but when it doesn’t? Oh well smile emoticon Again, I’m just a distraction from your regular conversation. I thought you might be interesting, and you are. So, thank you smile emoticon

I know you’re at a more advanced level because you did not refer to me as being disingenuous or committing something off the fallacy sin chart. So, I appreciate that greatly.
You engage in real conversation. That’s refreshing. You’re also not a mere contrarian either. Also refreshing. Anyway, thank you :)

Anyway, you didn’t ask for a dime store analysis but neither were you offended. Again, refreshing. You don’t take these things personally. Anyway, I’ll catch up with the real conversation below and see if I have an opinion to add. like emoticon



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