Anyway, once they got rid of the people and started tearing up the roads, somebody figured out a compromise:

Oh absolutely. I was broadly generalizing.

Hunting’s not my ‘thing’ – it’s my brother’s hobby. He tries to make it hard on himself. He picks the most difficult hunting area (Bear Island) which has the fewest deer and the thickest trees so that the deer have a sporting chance.

Some seasons he gets nothing. They have limits of two per season I believe and there’s heavy consequences if they try to bypass it. Very strict rules and people generally abide by them because they enjoy their hobby.

I’ve helped skin them a few times and butcher. Learning experiences. Didn’t bother me though. I’m from suburban NJ (so is he) but he’s lived here.. forever, and I just got here 13 years ago.

The Conservation/Environmental issue hits strongly right where I live. Just a few miles south of where my house is (where I’m sitting right now) is the world’s largest environmentalist project – the everglades restoration project.

It’s a very huge effort. They want to cut a swath through Florida. Rivers of Grass – one of the earliest dreams of the Environmental movement when it was still young and lots of money being poured into it.

Some people they told to “get out” or you’ll be fined, and they did. Some people fought back and got paid lots of money to leave their homes.

In short, Imminent Domain was used, which was a surprise to me because I had learned that was for emergency police state measures in school, so I was surprised to see it happening right literally in my neigborhood… well, just south of it. [I live in Northern Golden Gate Estates – the imminent domain was used in Southern Golden Gate Estates].

Anyway, once they got rid of the people and started tearing up the roads, somebody figured out a compromise:

Large portions are now a Public park and limited hunting, camping, horseback riding is allowed.

This carries on while they also try to undo what they did in the 1940s. [same group: the Army Corp of Engineers filled the swampland, and now they’re trying to undo it].

As for me, I’m personally mixed on it. I’m on both sides of the fence. Like you said, “case by case”.

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