Anyway, I convinced my boss’ boss to cancel the training.

Yeah, if I live in an area like that I’d be worried. I lived in NJ when 9/11 happened. I was supposed to be in one of the WTC buildings for training that i didn’t need. From 9/10/01 – 9/15/01. I was in the middle of a project that they were trying to take out from under me that I enjoyed doing.

Anyway, I convinced my boss’ boss to cancel the training.

By the end of that week, I gave her a dozen roses and said thank you ’cause I didn’t know what else to do.

I wouldn’t have died, I don’t think ’cause it wasn’t hit. But I would’ve had bad lungs to this day, and probalby had to walk that long bridge home.. and probably would’ve forgotten my lunch that day. The cafeterias would’ve been closed.

So, I lucked out. I got to see one of the towers fall live though. That was interesting. 7th story of parking garage (this was at Schering Plough Pharm in NJ).

It looked like a finger standing up, and a plume of smoke next to it.

Must’ve been between the two hits. It was a crazy time.


Well, I live deep in the woods. Hate the beach actually tongue emoticon Brother’s a transplanted redneck and we rolled down here to Florida and since I had a good job at the time. I had good credit at the time and could do a combined mortgage so we’d all have a place to live. Strange notion now, 14 yrs later, but we’re managing.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the world’s going to hell in a handbasket but I get stressed out of two people want me to do something for them at the same time while I’m busy on a project. I used to get stressed out at mcDonald’s menus before I learned to have a “default choice”.

So, with anxiety issues, I do what I can to stay calm. Takes a lot of work actually but it’s all internal.


McDouble. Default choice. Or Double Cheeseburger. One has a single cheese slice and the other has two. 30 cent difference. Before that I’d stare at the menu and get frazzled at a drive through.

So, I learn to pick the battles I have a chance of winning tongue emoticon



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