Any intentional community has the capacity to be successful like this.

It’s a nice intentional community. Monasteries are also similar. Any intentional community has the capacity to be successful like this.

But, it won’t replace nations. Things like this only work for the willing and it’s not “no religion”. They ARE the religion.
I’m using the broad form:
“a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.”

it works because of the dedication of the people. I think it’s a good model. It is basically an Epicurean community – a friendship community, similar to monasteries and other intentional communities.

I don’t consider it disrespectful to say that it’s religious in this context.


When i was with the Eastern Orthodox in my mid-late 20s, I read through the Philokalia. It had JUST been translated into English, and I eagerly awaited each volume as the translations were finished and published.

In there were spiritual guides for monks, mostly about controlling what they called “the passions”.

My mind, being more secular than religious even when I was trying, interpreted everything as practical psychological advice and that’s how I took it.

And you know… it works very well. There’s good advice to be found in all of the worlds religions but especially in the spiritual communities.

So, it’s possible for this kind of thing to work. But for just as much work as it takes to plant or harvest the next crop, 10x as much work is required internally that nobody can see. That’s the realm with the most fruitful planting and harvesting that keeps successful intentional communities successful.


I just don’t want you taken in by flashy promotional literature, Roland. These things _can_ work but what you see in that article is marketing. That doesn’t mean they’re bad: I’m sure they are an earnest, hard-working community with great successes and ideals.

But before going around promoting it, look at it with a necessary jaded eye. All of the good you find will remain good. The bad does not take away from the good. But it means you go in with both eyes open.



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