Any global threats from Artificial Intelligence will be containable long before we get there.

Call it what you will, I don’t believe that good triumphs over evil and all of that. You’re assuming, although I understand I do have logical positivist tendencies that need pointing out, and I appreciate that somewhat.

Call it years o
f Star Trek.

Yes, the safety measures usually come AFTER the disaster.

But safety measure increase progressively in all of the PRECURSORS to AI.

Why do you believe we would be JUST AS UNPREPARED for 100,000 yrs from now AI as we are today?

Here. I drew you a picture. This is what I’m talking about. If we were at the bottom, the amount of disaster from a future AI would be unthinkable.

Yet, EVEN THOUGH safety measures LAG BEHIND, they’re not _that far behind_.

I’ve done some work in Risk Assessment and Mitigation. There are a lot of factors involved and not everything is predictable but a certain amount of potential disaster can be contained if proper measures are taken. I’m not _just_ talking out of my ass giving my “pollyanna” opinions.

Insurance companies are worried about AI.They’re worried that they won’t be able to sell as much insurance as the world gets safer and safer. That’s new.

So AI has the very real possibility of putting insurance companies out of business. If insurance companies are out of business, there’s nobody out there assessing risk for profit.

If there’s nobody assessing risk for profit, then what’s the motive for assessing risk anymore?

If there’s no motive for assessing risk, then nobody will be watching the farm.

All the horses will come out and stampede over humanity.

Come back to this planet, James. It’s a Science Fiction possibility, yes. The world is bigger than a story of possibilities and probabilities though.

Considering you have more emotionally invested in this topic than I do, I’ll give you the “most logical argument” trophy. But AI still isn’t going to destroy the planet.
People with financial and other motives will ensure that there will be a possibility for any catastrophe of that consequence to be mitigated somehow. I don’t have to worry about it.

You may call me a Pollyanna now if you wish and feel that you have won. I am ok with that.

I know for a fact that I am but a 43 yr old man sitting in a yellow chair discussing an issue far out of my reach with someone whose control is far out of their reach and ultimately, becomes just a discussion topic on the Internet of little consequence.

You *did* help give me some material for my arguements against AI taking over the planet, and for that, I appreciate it.

this *is* how you appear, as did Hawking and Eton and the others. A valid concern is one thing. The hyperbole and lack of specifics relevant to ACTUAL AI however, reduces support, as it sounds like an Isaac Asimov tale, rather than a valid concern.


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