anxiety, panic attacks, b12, magnesium and zinc, yogurt

I suffer from anxiety + panic attacks on and off and I’ve found that yogurt helps. I also chew my food thoroughly so that it swallows itself, a strange habit I picked up from my grandmother, which my mother always thought ridiculous. Grandmother was a health nut of her day as was my mom in hers, so I suppose thinsg pass down.

Certain vitamin experiments through the years led me to B12, magnesium + zinc (just standard amounts) work as well as Lorazapam, which is the only anti-anxiety med I was ever on at a point in my life. I saw the same combination of 3 (or 2 in some places), in places from weight-lifting forums to parents with autistic kids (the really bad kind of autism) and other places, and figured, “there must be something to it”.

It works so well that when I’ve had to go to the dentist, I’d just take the combo 1/2 hr before and I’m totally fine.

Placebo? Doesn’t matter. Works. smile emoticon

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