anthropomorphizing is fine to me – hard to avoid isn’t it?

Yes, you summarized my ramblings far better.

Yay Librarians and Archivists ” – It’s hard not to anthropomorphize for the sake of brevity.  Then again, it’s not that brevity is someone that wishes things to be shorter; it would be “appealing to people who I feel would appreciate a quick and short and strong statement”.

Hard to avoid anthropomorphizing 😛  Even to say “society” – it’s the anthropomorphizing of an idea that there is a group consensus and giving it feet and a voice… infinite regress as to the nature of concepts themselves.  So, I don’t mind giving feet and hands and voice and a brain to concepts.  Ultimately, I think most human writing could easily become a Fairy Tale with just a few capitalizations here and there, implying the Noun has in internalized Impetus… and the Impetus is shown as a drawing of a little devil and angel chatting away on the shoulders of a Noun as a stick figure drawn on a piece of paper.

But yes, that coffee-less rambling aside, yes.  It’s the attitude of allowing access, even under pressures of restricting such access for whatever reasons, be they moral, religious, political, cultural, etc.

[much discussion has taken place, for example, in purging libraries or schools or the Internet of mythologies; the thought being that they encourage fantasy thinking and that the world would be a better place if all things were scientific and rational only.  That’s taken place since at least the early 20th century and has a very strong internet presence – perhaps not so much among librarians, but among people who believe they are fighting for some sort of pure reason of some kind]

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