Answer: Nope. Some communities want to handle their own affairs instead of police living outside of their neighborhoods doing so, and report to the outside authorities to their progress in improving their communities, but that won’t happen because 2nd amendment rights don’t extend to non-white groups. Also, that’s a community decided temporary measure some are proposing _not_ an authoritarian imposed “solution”. But I didn’t read the blog. I don’t like reading things that require me to get chemotherapy when I’m done.

Answer: Nope.
Some communities want to handle their own affairs instead of police living outside of their neighborhoods doing so, and report to the outside authorities to their progress in improving their communities, but that won’t happen because 2nd amendment rights don’t extend to non-white groups.

Also, that’s a community decided temporary measure some are proposing _not_ an authoritarian imposed “solution”.

But I didn’t read the blog. I don’t like reading things that require me to get chemotherapy when I’m done.


I didn’t have to read it because as soon as I saw old Farrakhan (he’s still doing his thing), it wasn’t rocket science to figure out what it was about.

I’m not necessarily even against the idea of self-policing *with ongoing auditing* and other safeguards on an experimental basis to improve internal community issues, although I think there are dangers of mafia groups forming and human rights violations happening in communities that are too isolated.

Also, if it’s a religious group looking to manage an area, they’d have to go Amish in some way and become an intentional community. No mixing of church/state.


I’m a pluralist/globalist/probably green/whatever myself. But I don’t live in communities that want to fix themselves up yet I *also* don’t want to see situations like I saw in New Jersey where I grew up where police living outside of the communities treated the areas they serve like a foreign war zone. Americans are Americans and deserve American rights.


You took a bullet for me by reading it and dissecting it. I couldn’t. Title, the blog name, it was as far as I could go. I talked about what I know of what Farrakhan often talks about, but I couldn’t deal with the bile and vinegar that I knew would be inside of the article.


I accidentally studied them (‘internet anthropologist’ I guess) about 3 years ago while I was looking into the internet philosopher and new atheist folks. I noticed a new kind of talk showing up in regular places, stuff that I remember used to be relegated to the dark corners of the net.

Learned about ‘race realism’, had lots of debates with these folks — they had an entirely different attitude than I’d seen before. Swapping back and forth btwn Victim and Authoritarian, some just trolls, some who believed but were idiotic but some surprisingly intelligent but reading an entirely different world history textbook than I’d seen before.

Six months- a year after they drew my interest, Trump announces he’s running for President and there was an explosion. More and more started coming out of the woodwork.

It was fascinating and bizarre. I finally left the groups (Philosophy groups and politics groups) around Oct 2016 because there was nothing more I could learn from them.

I was surprised when I heard “alt right” on regular news because before then I’d only heard it from them – and THEN they started claiming the media made it up and I spend too much time pulling up old posts where they previously self-referenced as alt right which shut off that line of argumentation.

Distinguishing between “common troll” and “true believer” seemed to help me out. They pull out a few tired old scientific articles of questionable value, use a lot of “evolutionary psychology” theory, love posting crime stats…

There’s also a lot of mixing with gamergate, men’s rights activism, and a lot of it has entered into standard internet humor.

Sorry for the length – I’m not an authority.. I just wanted some value to come from my limited experiences and hope it helps a little.


Name an American non-white militia group that wasn’t placed in a domestic terrorism category.


That’s why they’d have to be placed in the intentional community category under religious protection with all of the watchlst activity that goes along with that.

Overall though, I don’t think it’s a viable solution. Isolation is a danger for the reasons I mentioned and you expanded upon.


Thank you for the link. At first I was like, ‘I finished my research in Oct ’16 – don’t want to read someone else’s summary when I came up with my own conclusions”…. but then I thought, “wait, lemme compare”.

Read it and it feels good to get confirmation there – and such detail! This was some thorough work. I just had my own experiences to go by but this gets deeper into it. I didn’t see mention of its influence on general internet humor and a few other things I’d have mentioned but it’s quite thorough research.

*shrugs* mad respect for your grace, there, Kenneth”

Thanks. I like correct answers not battles and if I’m wrong I’m wrong. Sometimes it takes a battle to get to the answers so I like to engage with generally amiable folks who see the world differently than me. Otherwise I’m just shouting into an echo chamber my whole life. I already know what I sound like.


The methodology of the enforcement is where the difference between success + failure lay, not raw numbers.

Lemme find an example of a workable solution I found last year:

Here we go:

Regarding New Jersey: I didn’t see it in my town but I saw it in other towns not far away.

Basically what happens is this: American black lneighborhoods of lower income and few viable businesses are policed by mostly white police forces living outside of those neighborhoods.

Law enforcement doing the enforcing don’t know the people in the neighborhoods well so they work on generic assumptions of behavior.

To the people in the neighborhood, there’s an invasion going on from the outside.

Distrust grows. Law enforcement start ordering surplus military equipment. It grows into a foreign war of American law enforcement vs American citizens.

It’s only a big problem in a few New Jersey neighborhoods but there are smaller problems where the court systems do a Chinese water torture by routinely pulling over black and spanish people going through predominantly white neighborhoods for small traffic violations and they go through a revolving door of citation, fine, pay fine, all to line the pockets of the local politicians with easy money from people just outside their predominately white districts

Been a corrupt problem in some areas for several decades now.


hat’s a good point. Might be better in a separate post on intersections between political ideologies and humor, although humor itself is a complicated topic.



Often middle school kids like Nazi symbols because it’s powerful and forbidden. I’m 45. My brother’s 57. (old I know) When *he* was in middle school he got in trouble for putting Nazi symbols on his sneakers with a marker. Not by my mom because she saw it was just normal middle school stuff but a psychologist saw it and started saying my mother was raising a bigot… not a very professional psychologist.

Now my 12 yr old ne’s doing much the same. Shock value, humor, blends in with shock humor and stuff. Most kids grow out of it. Some make it their life’s work.


Thankfully my ne knows enough keep off 4chan even though two of his friends are hooked on it. I wouldn’t stop him if he did but I’d just shake my head if he did.


Oh yes, we’ve had “the talk” about 4chan a few times, since he was in 4th grade. He ‘gets it’. I also still give the “difference between joking with friends and bullying” speech now and again. He’s a good kid, good grades, class clown, small so picked on and he picks on his friends in return. I think I’m helping keep him from crossing over that line into toxicity.


Definitely. “Wheel of friendship” is one thing. Middle school racist / “screaming in the oven” jokes, nia memes, 4 levels of irony deep spongebob memes… all normal kid stuff these days but needs constant vigilance.. But then there’s a crossover line.


Thank you too! You ‘get it’ in a way a lot of people wouldn’t. It’s kind of like a “gotta raise a decent citizen here best I can” feeling. But man that had to be hard at 12. Thank you for taking it on and not shirking the opportunity.



Thing is, white municipalities surrounding non white municipalities profit from non-white municipalities through revolving traffic courts and state/fed funding to ‘solve crime’ and then there’s the school to prison pipeline.

Nobody suggesting these things likely has any idea how communities actually function.


I learned logic as a kid when learning BASIC and other programming languages. A program won’t run if it’s not logically consistent. Internal logical consistency is *easy* if you follow the rules, whatever order of logic you use. [computers use 2nd order logic I think].

But you can have perfect internal logical consistency and get wrong results. Why? The equivalent of premises in programming is LET.



Of course there’s more complexity available in analytical philosophy but the same “garbage in/garbage out” (bad premises lead to bad conclusions even if the process is perfect) applies I think.


Logic traps. Yup. Great example! I don’t watch documentaries for that reason. Too often they put a “what if” at the beginning (thought experiment) and start piling on the BS until you’re compelled to agree with their conclusion, all the while led along thanks to a common cognitive flaw… or perhaps school training I dunno.


Very logical people are easy to trick this way. Shame too because it’s a waste of their intelligence. Too quick to start with an empty universe in a thought experiment allowing the storyteller to lead them along and thy can’t even see what’s happening.



Well said. People with damaged amygalas (the closest thing to purely logical) can agonize for months over a simple decision because they have a limited ability to have that necessary emotional “push” to nudge them.


I’ve followed movements that wanted to form separate ethno, cultural or religious communities for a while and the thing is: I’m not against freedom of association, community self-development, so long as there’s regular engagement with the greater community, safeguards against internal human rights violations,against formations of mafia-type groups etc,

But I’ve only ever seen that stuff as applying to small neighborhoods, usually on a temporary basis, well thought out plans to keep the surrounding communities aware and their communities accessible.

The stuff this article seems to be about (I haven’t read it and won’t) is something entirely different.


They’re limited to what’s quantifiable and not all things are quantifiable. Of course we can try to assign numerical values to everything but the limitations will always be there. Just the type of number that’s used can make a huge difference.

Then it goes back to the identity problem. It has to be taken as an assumption that it’s possible to do that with anything but it’s not always wise or correct.


Are these two apples the same? Depends on the zoom level and the needs of the user. They’re not identical. Each has their own lifespan, start, middle and end points and are at different stages of rot. Shapes could be identical. DNA could be identical. They could come from the same tree. But they’ll never be the same apple yet is there really two apples?

Apples may seem silly. But humans are treated like apples and that’s a problem.




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