another person… or even …

I had a little trouble with that quote, because, as a whole, I believe you can plan to some degree, the course of action in life. but then I thought about it – are outcomes ever certain? No, not at all. Like the ancient roman said, “nothing is certain except death… and taxes” – and that remains true 2,000 years later — everything else is, perhaps less of a crap-shoot (roll of the dice) but m…ore somewhere between planning and bumbling and hoping the outcome leans more on the planning side (outcomes you hope and work hard on) – and bumbling (life’s unexpected things getting in the way, or support systems dropping from you (“rug pulled out from under your feet”), or just plain ol’ mistakes or emotional quandries making you forget your planning, or times when your brain just quits on you, or ANY plan that involves another person… or even … “

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