Another one of them went theoretical physics, which was my original plan. All of them finished it :P But I like the path I’m on best of all.

ah, it’s ok. Some alt.universe me took the course. [alt.fictional.universe that is tongue emoticon ] and that’s good enough.

Another one of them went theoretical physics, which was my original plan. All of them finished it tongue emoticon But I like the path I’m on best of all.


My brother does that. I do the business side, which is paperwork-type/running-the-business type stuff. Being an “out of character” role (I’m in several out of character roles at present) which were very stretching for me. They identify my nots, which shows me better my “ams”, and I express them online primarily. But I’ve always expressed my ‘self’ online. What I am in the 3D world? Eh, I never expect that to match up. But, even n the 3D world, I find ways to put the “me” in every situation, and I relish the challenge.


I suppose I am too, but I take the positive spin. Coping skills. Even people who _do_ ‘follow their dreams’ and find textbook success have aspects of their careers that “aren’t them” and they suffer through. I doubt there’s a soul that has an easy ride when riding their rainbows.

Besides, I can’t complain. I shouldn’t exist at all, yet I’m here. Born at this time in history which is amazing. Wish it was 500 yrs from now but, oh well, I get to live through a period of history instead.


Their problem. I could go 1000 yrs, but 500 is reasonable enough to see a significant enough culture shift for me to be just as confused there as I am in this world, just as if I was plopped in 1615 or 1015 for that matter.


Hm, I don’t think so. Enough of the old world will remain.

1916 would be livable.

Would 1816 be livable to someone in 1916? Likely. Very different worlds but enough similarities.

Between 1816 and 1716? Might be trickier depending WHERE you live. But technology-wise wouldn’t be much different but there were a lot of cultural shifts in that time frame.

Still though, I think 100-120 is about the extent of the “stretch” people would be capable of, with a period of adjustment of course.

Even the Starbucks selfie takers could manage in 1916 given a little time to catch their bearings.


Stuff people are predicting now, some of it will come true, some of won’t. People who are adverse to science fiction futurism *might* have a somewhat harder time of it, but anybody with the slightest bit of scifi or fantasy would manage fine.

After all, what’s fueling the technologies of the future?

The dreams of today.

What fueled the technologies of today?

The dreams of the past.


Consider how many POTENTIAL futures have already been explored via science fiction? Apocalyptic to utopian?

THOSE fictions, especially those absorbed by the engineers/scientists/politicians/whoever when they were children, are some of the things they’re working on NOW.

Their childhood fantasies are things they’re working to make fact today.

Someday, they may come true.

We won’t be totally off guard for those things



That’s: 162 years ago.

Publicized in newspapers, followed by science and tech fans then just like today… would they be ENTIRELY surprised by the Internet?

I don’t think they would, just as I wouldn’t be surprised by brain implants which allow thought to control a virtual reality world more vibrant than our own, or imagining batteries that charge via pressure differentials between electron charges of whatever ions are hanging around the area



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