Anorexia among boys has been growing as a big problem since the early 2000s

I did it once. Took about 9 months of gym because I have body that does the “rock hard muscle” thing easily.

After I did it (and got WAY TOO FAR) down in the body-fat scale (3% _REALLY NOT HEALTHY – I got chills a lot) – I said, “screw this” and let my body go back to a weight that’s more natural for me.


Anorexia among boys has been growing as a big problem since the early 2000s as the Emo style “skinny jeans” replaced the old “stovepipe” baggy style.

Anorexia (as well as self-esteem issue) is huge among pre-teen boys up to mid 20s. Started off with fashion. Ended up with major emotional issues.

At one time that would’ve been true, but no – the skinny jeans, the anorexia etc is a problem now because the girls they want to attract EXPECT hot-bod guys, which these days is the emo-look without the emo-depression. Well, it’s not the emo-look ’cause it’s not all black and stuff… I just mean the super-skinny fashion of it continued even after the emo was gone.


My dck fell out a few times in elementary school. By middle school the fashion already started to change. Thankfully.


I was tightie whities all the way… even LONG AFTER they were ok. Didn’t switch to boxers ’til my 30s – LONG overdue for a switch. Knit boxers. That was the answer that escaped me.


Tell 13 year old girls that it’s not what they want and that it was told to them by advertising. Tell the boys that the girls are being told by advertisements and that they shouldn’t listen to the rhetoric.

You’ll get a few to listen to you but most just wanna get dates so they’re not called a nerd.


The online dating culture probably hasn’t changed much since you were 13 except now there’s more snapchat, private Vine videos and video on Kik and stuff, which brings texting to a whole new level. Now they can see each other and all that entails. So yeah.

But I think we survived whatever oddities were in our childhoods and they will too. My main worry is online bullying which I try to help with wherever I can. Empowering people who feel victimized to change their way of seeing the online bullies, and also working on the bullies when I find them to change *their* attitudes.

Works on individuals but once people form groups, there’s not much hope for either ‘side’.



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