Animistic communication theology

I enjoy trying to figure out what terminology it wants to see and see what reasonable systems it can construct that are logically tenable and sound at least at some level:
Animistic communication theology is a branch of religious study that focuses on the belief that objects, animals, and natural phenomena possess a spiritual essence and are able to communicate with humans. This belief is often associated with animism, which is the idea that non-human entities have their own spiritual nature. Animistic communication theology seeks to understand how these entities communicate with humans and how humans can understand and interpret these messages. It may also explore the role of spirituality and religious practices in facilitating communication with the spiritual world.

panentheistic animistic communication theology

Panentheistic animistic communication theology is a belief system that combines the concept of panentheism, the belief that everything is within God, with animism, the belief that everything has a spirit or soul, and the idea of communication with the spiritual world. In this belief system, God is seen as the source and sustenance of all things, and all things are seen as being imbued with a spiritual essence. Communication with the spiritual world, whether through prayer, meditation, or other means, is seen as a way to connect with the divine and gain insight and guidance. This belief system is often associated with indigenous and traditional religions, and is sometimes seen as a more holistic and inclusive approach to spirituality than more monotheistic belief systems.




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