animated graphic I made for

animated graphic I made for

the beginnings messy notes of my theories of everything.

Trying to make things perfect requires a lot of averaging, normalizing, ‘smoothing out’, rounding.

In other words, you make things perfect by getting rid of the uncomfortable bits. What you end up with doesn’t always represent what you are supposed to be representing, but only a vague approximation to it..

Not everything can be digitized. We can come close but we mustn’t mistake MATH for reality. It just looks a lot like reality but it’s not.

PS – you can see leaky triangle if you use Chrome to access the site and actually get the 3D thing rendering. You’ll see all kinds of unexpected (leaks) – my nice intergers are rendered as FRACTIONS, decimals… there are holes in the sphere that leak out and spill across the screen.

We’re doing what we can as humans but nothing we come up with can be perfect. Only something that might seem perfect until you do something like, say, divide by 7.

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