Anglo-American stereotype – and then there’s Irish-Scots-American stereotype. My opinion.

From my point of view as an American from New Jersey, USA with a mixture of roots but many from England, I would say:

The stereotypical WASP would characterize Anglo-American mindset.

I think of Connecticut stereotypes. Phrases like “white bread, mayonaise”. Coming from money. Liberal politically but with a “Great White Hunter” mindset: that is, “We respect diversity but please do not infringe on our property if you are a minority that is not working for us as a housekeeper”.

It is also the stereotype that black comedians do a very effective job of mocking.

That is what comes to mind to me.

Irish-Scots-American, I would start to use the Southern USA stereotypes for a basis.


A belief in a type of individualism

Imperial tendencies

A privileging of perceived ‘logic, rigor, order. control’ etc
This depends. I tend to see people-as-people and never understood control freaks so I can’t really answer that.

The tendency to desire a society of deskilled proles, experts and capitalists
I can’t answer that.

Cultural Racism

‘Protestant’ work ethic
YES. Pragmatism is very foundational for USA thinking. I’ve traced it back to “Scottish Common Sense Realism” as the closest basis for a typical American pragmatic mindset.

Class attitudes and gender attitudes
We have our categories and they are usually split up financially. Blue collar, White collar. Homeless. Everything seems to be split up by income or perceived income.

Gender? I dunno how to answer that.

Bread and circuses for the masses
We’re an entertainment culture. If we’re not entertained, we break something so that we can be entertained again. Or we lie to get entertained.

It’s similar to British tabloids but on a national scale.


There’s likely many aspects of my own culture that I just can’t “see”. Some of it will be due to personal bias but a lot of it is simply because I’m within the very culture you’re objectifying, so it’s difficult to abstract myself from it in areas that just seem “normal” to me.

For example,

“The tendency to desire a society of deskilled proles, experts and capitalists”

I can’t see it without some examples, so I don’t understand what it’s referring to.


I look forward to more you have to say on the subject because I need something to respond to and I’ve outputted all I can think of at the moment.



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