Andy Adamatzky

I was watching a couple of short “slime mold computations” (path finding) videos by Adam Adamatzky, who is certainly the leading proponent and realized what its doing.

Since the slime mold is moving on a solid surface, usually with some form of solid maze walls and is moving down pathways with air, the organism can USE the floor, walls and air to find, through vibrations and feeling feedback, which paths are the most continuous as it goes, causing it to make fast movement decisions down correct corridors.

This is sort of an advanced “echolocation”, or perhaps like shaking the walls and floor and shouting down the corridor at the same time continuously, and using the feedback you receive as navigation tools.

You’d follow the lowest vibrations — the longest free paths – that don’t suddenly reverberate!

That is, the path with the exit!

Reverse that for closed mazes, instead listening for the greatest vibration that is closest to familiar to you – so that you connect with the larger part of yourself that is split and you want to rejoin.

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