Andrew Gillum

Science will inform policy under Andrew Gillum.

It’s fine to take into account people’s feelings but feelings don’t fix conservation issues such as red tide inflamed by unmanaged nutrient overflow by industries large enough to have the capability of managing output properly.

After a $7 billion dollar tax break, they can certainly use _some_ of that free govt money to do business in a way that is not irresponsible for the State of Florida, its citizens and their employees and the waters and air quality.

You’ll still get your upgraded private jets, industry chiefs. $6 billion dollars is plenty to work with, and tourists won’t be turned off by the effects of Florida’s preventable water/air quality issues. Who’s going to come to see dead fish and turtles? Voting is from Oct 27-Nov 6, 2018. Vote for Gillum/King, whatever your political party is. It’s correct.
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