– and you CAN make money doing what you love! The money will follow! … …wait… no, that doesn’t actually work.

- and you CAN make money doing what you love! The money will follow!

…wait… no, that doesn’t actually work.

(unless you love sales)


 Yeah, but no one is self made. Congrats on your progress but nobody gets ahead alone. That’s just the standard American success story fitted to your specifics.
  It’s part of standard self marketing. It’s how you convince venture capitalists and others to invest in your projects. It works if you do it right but your starting place always accounts for something.
  It’s not even necessarily an awful thing, just Zig Ziglar family “how to succeed in business” / power of positive thinking / the Universe will make you Prosper stuff.Establishing wealthy contacts is a necessity. They pick you up from wherever your starting level is and guide you up, hoping to also profit from your possible success.
  Real estate: start with renting room. $50 profit/month. More rooms. Build credit. Leverage debt to get house. Rent house for $200 rental profit, Leverage more debt for more rental houses, duplexes. Work up to apartments. etc.It’s a common ladder I did some of it and it works. Thing about it is, most of that wealth is leveraged debt. 2008 was, by a great part due to private debt failure. Too much private debt, much in real estate. Paper riches almost all vanished.
  Appreciate the background. That’s the thing – one’s success potential does often depend upon standing on the shoulders of success and it’s often generational. It’s how our system works in the US.I wouldn’t say it’s possible for everybody. It’s more than just fast talking hustle. It’s got to be to the right people. They usually look at background – family, other connections. Suitability.Lots of gatekeepers (inhibiters) and also lots of amplifiers.I never “believed in” capitalism and I know too much about Trump (grew up sorta near him in the 80s / 90s) to credit him for much.

I was here in the 80s, saw and was hit by the Reagan BS (my mom was anyway), so he’s hardly a hero either.

But whatever. Congrats on your ongoing success and if you’re going to thank anybody, make it your mom.

  Thanks and to you as well. I had but one invention I was going to patent but a guy working for a company in California got the patent hold (I forgot what it’s called now) six months before me.Thankfully I didn’t spend a penny but it was painful as I’d spent a few months researching and planning. . I had the $ to do it then but I didn’t realize at the time that if *I* have a “great new idea”, it’s likely 10,000 other people do too.The first one to get the patent hold thing wins. So, it soured me on trying again.

Every couple of years I’d look at that patent that was issued and go, “grr – that was mine”, but then I got over it. I’m only human

  Now I *look for* people with my million dollar idea (whatever it is) and I’m glad I don’t have to do all the work :) It’s actually more satisfying this way than that stressful thing I did once and I barely started. But that “all my eggs in one basket” thing – well, that was a good life lesson.
===Seriously good luck man. I avoided all your headaches by finding this: https://patents.google.com/patent/US7366595 in Nov 1999 – and my heart crashing to the ground for a week straight because it was identical in every single way to my sketches and notes.

Had I pursued it, it’d have taken over my life and the weird thing about this idea: I don’t even drive much. I just had that “flash”.

So, I consider myself lucky to have changed course “just in time” BUT I also consider _you_ lucky for being able and willing to pursue your dream.

I pursued and continue to pursue other dreams — a great patent wasn’t in my cards — but it’s in yours and I know you’ll do well.

  [I had successes in real estate, stocks and running a business instead :P But I still don’t believe in capitalism :) ]

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