And the claim to fame is: garden hose. Outside.

I credit Duncan Donuts for normalizing Avocado Toast. It was my very first try when it first came out there and I finally understood, via its very palpable and commercial form such as only corporations can do so marvelously.
I don’t understand people of my age range who dunk on millennials. GenX was not good for much yet. Certainly not politics. Certainly not business. Certainly not maintaining infrastructure. We were super-entertained in the 1980s by expensive movies and plastic toys and 1/2 hour tv commercials which formed our nostalgia — as if we had anything to do with being born in such a commercially owned era.
And the claim to fame is: garden hose. Outside.
“It’s 10pm: do you know where your children are?”
When NETWORK TV has to tell PARENTS to come get their young CONSUMERS at _10pm_ on SCHOOL NIGHTS so they don’t lose their SATURDAY MORNING MARKETING GOLD …
… something just wasn’t quite right. Now my generation thinks packaged foods have parasites in them because a TikTok said so. I did not like my generation growing up with very few exceptions (I was one of the “Whiz Kids” (hate that phrase) of the GenX – those I like, mostly) – the rest thought Ronald Reagan was the greatest, washed up John Wayne wanna be…
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