and some angry dad or mom might shoot the older and everybody on the internet cheers. Blind rage isn’t good.

and some angry dad or mom might shoot the older and everybody on the internet cheers. Blind rage isn’t good.

It’s stuff like this though that bugs me more than this case. Vigilante justice is entertainment but some random dude picking people off a list is messed up. Maybe you might like it – lots of people do.

Yeah. Plus they served their time, have lifelong restrictions and NOW they’re gonna get bashed in the skull by a fucktard with a hammer. It’s easy to relate to obvious cases like the dad… but you gotta think of the 19/15 yr old relationship and stuff. Having tiers for a registry at least keeps different kinds of crimes seperate but a lot of states lump all together.

Once on it, there’s no getting out of it either. In US schools they make kids read a book, “The Scarlet Letter” but as a nation, we still do that stuff today. I can understand registries for some awful crimes but it’s still strange.

Yah. Hard enough to find work under 18. Churches sometimes hire (custodian, etc) but they don’t pay much and some businesses don’t ask too many questions, especially small local places. But it sucks trying to get work under 18 and with that record, he’s always going to have a hard time.

Whatever’s local to him is probably best. Small family restaurants (cleaning tables, dishwashing) are good. Can’t think where else though.

Direct private hiring can work too. Tutoring, sitting – but I don’t know what he did so whether he’s safe or not you’d know. But a bright smile, sharp dressed and acts intellligent and that’s a way to make some $$.


k, maybe NOT sitting/tutoring then. Then again, channel hatred into “DO YOUR WORK YOU SKRUB” might actually work, I dunno.


Probably why he hates kids – people keep thinking he’s one. He should give himself an angry scar, fill it up with dirt so it gets nasty and infected and scabby… then he can look tough. Or maybe that’s a bad idea. Yeah, that’s a bad idea.

I think the combination is common. I’ve never really ‘acted my age” anyway, always older or younger. Never liked my ‘peers’ much.


They’ll follow you your whole life. It took me a long time to accept SOME stereotypes of “my generation” (Gen X 2nd wave 8-bit stuff) but only a few. Still don’t like being lumped in. Surprisingly, less people of my gen died than I expected by now. Most addicts recovered, players got diseases then got married and look average, and the stupid? … well… they didn’t change.


The man first went after the guy’s 13 yr old son, and dad stepped in front. From what I know it was a dad, son and mom.


Because of the inherent power differential between the two, you’d be justified.

I’d just make a distinction between assault and murder.


If I was the court,  – so long as it wasn’t murder or permanent injury (paralysis), I’d give you lawful punishment but it might be on the lighter side if it was relatable. But I wouldn’t let you get off with no jail time. You gotta serve SOME time.


I’d consider it a felony – permanent record. Maybe a light felony but if you broke a bunch of bones, people like future employers should know what you’re capable of if enraged. You could be a risky hire.

But I’d probably make it light.


Oh it’s understandable. But once you “”scorch the earth with his carcass”, then do the lawful thing and serve your rightful jail time. It’s fair.

Yeah, it’s one of the hurdles of childhood when you’re a “cute kid”. I don’t know if all kids go through it but I remember. Other people’s moms were the creepiest imo, but plenty of men too. I just learned to shake it off, but it still ain’t right.



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