and sends me cryptic messages once every 7 1/4 months

Never got too much into that, outside of some Witch/Warlock stuff, cryptography and a few LaVeyan friends for a time… long ago.. yow. More recently, son of a friend of mine started getting harassed by online folks a couple of years ago, freaked him out big time… he went underground online and sends me cryptic messages once every 7 1/4 months, using a font we predetermined before he disappeared and a scramble code of his devising.

Whenever I get one and descramble it, it only barely makes sense ’cause he further encrypts the message by symbolic language. Smart kid – hope he gets into physics or something.


You helped me solve a personal 26 year mystery. Never knew much about her, just that she was a very early friendly name whose personality was always really cool, as 18 yr old me stared at a green dumb terminal, amazed at these strange new creatures and simply being able to communicate at length with people from anywhere on the planet. Networking still gives me the magic.


Well, all I can say is, whatever it is, pursue it man. You get memories you’ll never forget and meet all kinds of people you never grew up with but wish you had. I’m a fan of subcultures. I think they’re good for ppl.


Well you’re in a realm I know far too little about but I think it’s awesome that you got this stuff sketched in your bran somewhere. I don’t know why, but these various mythologies and stories – whatever the fandom is – seems to give ppl a grounding that they wouldn’t get if they just, I dunno, did what they were told all of the time.


THAT’S the one. Elfinkind. I used to print them out on the line printer , pissing off the sysadmin. 1990… yow.. I’m still amazed how far the internet’s come… and disappointed at how far it has yet to go.

I’m friends with a number of furries. I don’t think it’s an internet taboo. It all depends who you know and who you hang out with online.


I’m friends with both furries, furry supporters, furry haters, people who hate anybody non-standard, and people who just hate everybody, period.


I have a strange position on yiff and young furries. I think yiff is generally a good thing for the kids who are exploring their pr0n interests via yiff rather than standard fare. It’s non-exploitative, has fur, yet the subculture ALSO has an entirely rated-G thing going for it as well for those who don’t need any of that stuff.

While I’m not a furry I think it’s a great subculture that seems to look out for one another.

== I gave her a shoutout on March 29, 2014 – almost exactly two years ago

I think I played up the mystery and seriousness a bit because I wanted to show support for those “out there” who felt different. But I honestly never thought to look her up by her last name. The clues were there, but at the time I was satisfied with the mystery but now I’m glad to have it solved smile emoticon Thank you grin emoticon



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