And I have always felt like a lonely lost little boy on a long journey in an alien land

Date:         Sat, 8 Jun 1996 14:27:54 -0500
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Subject:      Monastaries

Dear friends @ Orthodox:

        Over the course of the past few weeks, while reading The Philokalia,
only being part of the Orthodox Church for perhaps three months now, I keep
feeling pulled towards the monastic life.

        My current e-mail account is e-mail only (I left full-Internet access
as it was too much of a temptation to continue being attached to it), and if
anyone would be gracious enough to send me e-mail containing a list of
monasteries in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania/New York/Massachusetts area, with
contact phone numbers and/or addresses (and language used and size if
possible), I would *greatly* appreciate it.

        I asked Father John (St. Nicolas Orthodox Church, Elizabeth, NJ), and
he will check into it, but he is a very busy man and doesn't have the kind of
online resources yet that you do.

        E-mail to this site takes a day or two, and I don't check every day (I
had planned on going offline permanently until I called this site on a lark,
and found that I had been using it as a backup for receiving ORTHODOX e-mail!)

If you have printed information or can help me with discernment (one of the
qualities I lack and so desparately desire), simply ask me and I will be *very*
pleased to send you my telephone number and mailing address.

I truly feel alone in this journey.  Orthodoxy has brought me closer, and
reading the spiritual fathers have been a daily "Wow!", as I pray that I be
worthy to participate in the noetic realities...  but I really don't have
anything worth keeping.  I love my family and friends, but I've never felt "in
sync" with any of them.  And I have always felt like a lonely lost little boy
on a long journey in an alien lang.

And Orthodoxy has confirmed it.  It feels close to the time where I can join
others who are already taking journey of the lost through this cloud of
unknowing towards God.  Can you help?   Please?

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