and finally the 3ws.

and finally the 3ws.

3w2 ENFJ Liberal Feminism
3w2 ENFJ Anthropocentrism
3w2 ESFJ Virtue Signaling
3w2 ESFP Santería
3w2 INFJ Biocentrism
3w2 INFJ Law Of Attraction
3w4 ENTJ Capitalism
3w4 ENTJ Machiavellianism
3w4 ENTJ Meritocracy
3w4 ENTJ Eugenics
3w4 ENTJ Neoliberalism
3w4 ENTJ Pragmatism
3w4 ENTJ Psychological Egoism
3w4 ENTJ Scientology
3w4 ESTJ Patriarchy
3w4 ESTJ Legalism (Chinese philosophy)
3w4 INTJ Egoism

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