And entire list of warps as of 12/7/2012:

And entire list of warps as of 12/7/2012: 2299jamesvenom 2ndshop a aajames100 aajames1002 admin admins adminshop adventuretime_d aeroplane airplane airport airport2 ajsprivate alex alexcity amandamemorial amazing_castle apartments appellusa applestore architects architectscastle areana arena army armybase armyplane army_apt ass aubrey aubssteakhouse autowheat av awesomemc_hq awesome_ awesome_world awsom b bad bar bar2 barge bar_pub bata batcave battelarena bdogmbs_club be beautiful beer beeratocity bef befchurch bestspawnever beth bigplot bigshop big_huse blackmarket_methlab blacksmiths blacksmiths2 blie block_to_the_past blood blueteam bob boob book bookshop boopland bowpractice bp brickmart brick_party brokendown btfchurch bub buildingcontest butt butter by c cabin cafe cake cakespawn camping campingatbeach candy_kingdom canterlot canterlotwedding castle cave cavesurviv ccathedral cccpark cccstatues ccctown cell1 cell2 cell3 cell4 cell5 cell6 chapel chapel12 chapel2 chapel3 chapel4 chapil chayville chay_town checkersretreat cheezyslibrary chest chipshq choppa chotel chrisarmybase christmasvacationhouse church church1 cities cityoferodedsphinx cloud_parkour club clubjake coal coaster coastery cobblestonefactory colbys colezfamily colosseum competition cooldoor cooldude_s corruptionhotel coster creeper creeperwedding creeper_wedding crystal_faction ctf ctp danceclub darkwhiz death deathhole desertcity desertpvp diamondskyscraper diamondthing die dig digcity dighotel digmall digs digs2 dig_jail dimond dimond_castel dimond_castle dimond_huse disco_club discrase dj_s dj_sdiamond dj_set dog dogtown dragonguard dreamhouse dropparty dungeon dustysnake dylansandpancakeshouse elor end endcity enderdragon enderman epfarmybase epichouse epicshop equestria erodedsphinx ethan_smouse evanhotel even exisphere exit extremetrees ezios ezio_sbar facpvp1 facpvp2 factory fairland falll fallll familyguy famous fcation finns_cabin finn_is_sleeping finn_s_pixel_land finn_s_plot flatlands floor1 floor2 floor3 floor4 floor5 floor6 flubb forsale fort fred freestuff frozenshadow fuck funland funland_ funnybuildings funny_thing gardenoflove gatewayportal girlcraft girlltown glassmaze gokubar goku_sbar greatest297_smansion greendeadmansworld guess halloween halloweenparty halloween_ happyhalloween heggydig hell hello herrkoch_slibrary hg hi hi1234 hippo hole hole_du_la_hole home homecabin home_to_pvp hospital hotel hotel1 hotel2 hotel3 hotel300 hotelboat hotelc how_to_be_a_admin hq hugetower hyrule i ihatemylife iluvmusic im infinitycoaster ironthing iss iss2 jail jail44 jail_ jarjar jasons_bar jodvill jog jungle jungle1 jungle2 junglearena ken kenwild kill killers kingdom kings ksichurch kyle_srestaurant lavajungle lavamobdome ldhotel leapoffaith legacynovv legoscity lewis liam liamjamesrhouse lilysshop lol lolwut look love loveclub lovers love_o_matic lowerbase lucas_sspawnentry ma maddiswagg maddi_srestaurant madman mall mansion mansion_2 mariogalaxy market marrying_perfect_place marryyourlove maxenhotel maze mcbuilders mcdonalds mchg mchg2 me medieval medieval_build medievilvillage meet megacastle megahotel melrinsgift menno merlin merlinsbaby merlinsbay meth methlab meth_and_pothouse mgpa midevil mik milatary military minecity minecon minigolf minister missioncontrol mob mobarena mobtrap moo mushroom mylifesucks nah2001land nether newspawn nicebro nightmare noob notch notch_fight npcs nqh2001 nuclearbase nyanface obsticle office oh oh_yeha old_spawn olli omg ooo orphanage oshacafe ourhouse outpost p2 palace parkorspawn parkour parkour2 parkourmobarena partaay party partyman partyroom party_building party_building2 pavelow penguin pewdiepie piggy piggydinner pigkiller pirate pirateship pixelart plane planet planets player1 player2 plaza plot2 plotland plotland2 plots plots__ pokeboss1 police ponyvill pool pooop poopdeck prison project project2 projectiss projectmansion pub pvp pvp2 pvparena pvparena1 pvpforpvpkings pvpmaze pvps pvpshop pvp_pvp qbchallenge quick quiz r1 r4 ragavill ragaville random1 redstone redstone_city redteam relaxing remember rentalvillage repair ridvic1_s rocket rocketbase1 rocks_island rockyankh rollercoaster rollercoaster1 royalpalace rules rulez sasha_smansion school school1 secret self_defense_castle servivelgames sexparty shadow shadowm sheep shgri_holghtar shop sicknous sillyville silverstorm skatepark skatepark2 skatzombiz sky skydiving skyfantasy skyoffice skyvillage sky_huse sky_s slave slenderandme slime snowpvp soccer spawn spawn2 spawn3 spawnchurch spear spherejail sphereland sphereplaces spherepvp spleed1 spleef spleef1 sponge spy_skylord_here stach stach2 starship store stuff subscribers subway suicide suicide_ suicide_booth superboy4_s supercation supercoaster superstar surface survival survival1 survival2 survivalgames survivalisland survivalspawn survivalwild survivalx survival_game survive teehee temp tempel tent the theblackmarket thebuilding theloverscabin themall themostbosshalloweenever thesnackshack the_land_of_ooo the_wrong_spot throwns2 tigercaves tigerfivehouse tigerplot tigersjail tikibar titanic tnt tourament town trade train trap treehouse troll trollface trollhotel trollkingdom trolls_ trolololo trools

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