ancient playchoice-10 arcade

I have some guts from an ancient Playchoice-10 full-sized arcade game [complete with the Nintendo logos on them] that I’ll have to dust off and post.

I gutted it years ago and turned it into a a 4000+ game arcade machine using some kind of game emulator program, a couple of USB controllers and an old trackball and an old joystick.

Put some really loud computer speakers on it too. Was lots of fun… but I was stupid and kept the whole thing out on the back porch. After 3 years, the florida weather wrecked the computer. Resurrected it twice after that by swapping the hard drive into new [old] computers ’til the HD finally gave up on me.

People still talk about the “old arcade machine we used to have” when they come over for parties and stuff. Lots of players. Couldn’t get any quarters off of anybody tho’.

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