anarchy and yogurt

I don’t think anarchy has fully reached its stride though.  There’s a lot of 19th century/early 20th century orthodoxy to be fought; the Re-emergence of the old science-is-opposite-of-religion gaining popularity due to a few old men who taught it to a new generation of Internet babes and gaining full acceptance as a dogmatic necessity within scientific culture… (19th century Conflict Thesis – when will you go away already?  Historians threw you out long ago.. but the textbooks, the TV shows, gosh… ugh – and if I hear one more time, “everybody used to believe the world was flat” one more time… I think I’ll hurl my spaghetti)

Yes, I just ate spaghetti.  My mother made it.  Package claimed Whole Grain.  Ah, but whole grain is not 100% whole wheat.  Just a sprinkling of whole grains along with brown packaging, HEALTHY, mostly good ol’ bleached white germless starch powder… and a smaller package at a higher price.

Oh well.  At least it didnt taste as horrible as 100% whole wheat spaghetti does.  I’ll just have to up my fiber by gnawing on a piece of wood.

Or just eat yogurt.  I like Greek yogurt.  Builds up the good bacteria in a different way instead of creating a cesspool at the bottom of your colon like fiber does.   Then again, fiber pushes you belly against your waistband, giving a full feeling and telling you via pain, “STOP EATING PLEASE”, so it has its pluses too.

So yeah.  Yogurt is Anarchy and Fiber is… I dunno.  I still look for high fiber on the package.

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