anarchist pamphlet I posted to kid/teen rights group when I was 19

From:    IN%""  "Kenneth Udut" 24-OCT-1991 22:56:56.59
Subj:    Ararchist Pamphlet to mobilize Teens into Action

Date: Thu, 24 Oct 91 22:56 EDT
From: Kenneth Udut <>
Subject: Ararchist Pamphlet to mobilize Teens into Action
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I was flipping through our NEWS program, which receives Bitnet
mailing lists, and came across this message.  A warning:
It's rather long, and some of you may not care for some of the language.
It's directed towards teens.  The rest should be self-explainatory --Ken

From: Sid <ssowder@silver.ucs.indiana.EDU>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1991 09:48:01 CDT
Subj: Teenagers Wake Up!
Sender: Activists Mailing List <ACTIV-L@UMCVMB.BITNET>

Okay picked up this phamplet the other day.
It is meant for a younger audience.
But still worthwhile, pass it around.
Spelling errors are mine, but the original
phamplet was pretty bad too.
Teenagers Wake Up!
"Everyone is out to control my life!"  Does this sound like you?  Are
you tired of being constatnly told what to do?  Seems like everything
around you is controlled by other people and your personal like becomes
a battleground.  Whether its about clothes, hair, music, curfew, dates,
sex, cars, smoking, alcohol, drugs, schook, grades, attendance, church
or you job it all boils down to the same old thing -- being hassled and
ordered around, by parents, realitives, teachers, bosses, police--
  Maybe you can't wait until you can move out, quit school, get your
own place, your own car and your own job. Then you'll be able to leave
all this bullshit behind.  You want to be treated as a real human, given
your freedom and left alone.
  What are you going to do until then?  Get by?  Bitch and moan?  Party hard?
Get away with as much as you can as often as you can?  Drop out?
Escape?  Put up with all the glak?  Fight back?  these are all choices
made by youth to get control of their lives back.  Whether its forging
notes to skip school or lying to your golks, they all have the same
thing in common  -- doing wha tyou want and avoiding punishment until
you can get out on you won and not ahve to worry about adults ruling
  Well, I've got some news.  You can stop biding your time and laying
don't stand for something now, you'll fall for anything.  the orders and
bullshit you take from your parents and teachers now will just get
worse, and the punishments hust get bigger.  You may thnk you limited
now, buy you can't get away with anything once you're an adult.  If you
don't follow the rules of your job, you get fired, period.  If you can't
afford a place, you're out on the streets.  If you break a law, the cops
won't talk to your parents, they'll bust you and throw you in jail.
  You're better off young.  No matter how much they hate you, under the
law your parents have to give you good, clothing, and shelter until you
turn 18.  Once that time is up, nobody owes you anything and nobldy will
GIVE you anything. There seems to be no way out of this problem.  Fi we
want to get by in this society we have to "play the game."  But without
a good background, money or education --we're going to lost the game.
We'll end up with a boring dead end job, and lousy life, living from
paycheck to paychec, always with someone else telling us what to do.
ANyway, lets face it, almost all jobs are a waste of time, no matter how
much they pay.
  What's the solution then?  If we really want to "win" we have to
change the rules of the game.  We have to take control, fight the power,
grab the pwer.  We have to get beyound the little shit and concentrate
on the big stuff.  We have to prepare fro a future of  struggle with
assholes and hassles.  Fight with you parents over earrings and
allowances really get you nowhere in the long run.  In a few more years,
you'll be able to wear whatever you want  --if you can affored it -- and
no one will care.  The hassles you deal with now are just practice runs
to prepare you for the greater hassles of real life.  So what can be
done if it all seems so hopeless?
  First realize you're not alone.  your anger and rebellion is not just
a kids versus adults thing.  It's part of a larger movement of rebels
and outcasts against authority, of free people against systems.  A
desire for freedom up agaist those who want control.  See yourself as a
part of this larger struggle.  Learn more about it, be prepared to join
it when you become an adult.  get help from these people for you
problems --maybe they can be solved.  A group of punk in Minneapolis
helped kids stop anti-skateboarding laws.  Lawyers like the ACLU ofter
take on free cases to protect peoples' right --such as dress codes in
schools and so on.
 Secondly, be smart and organized in your rebellion.  Try to make your
enemies a part of your struggle.  Parents woh bitch at you about stupid
things should be reminded how much they hate it when their boss yells at
them for no reason.  A strong argument is worth much more than just
defiance.  We don't want to break rules, we want to get rid of them
altogether.  Do it on principle just to show them you're serious.  Let
them know that every rule they make is one you are going to break
simpley becuase it's a rule.  Fi they treat you as one of them and give
you a choice, you can make up your own mind.  Sometimes it will be what
they want and sometimes not, but it deserves to be your decision. Al
arbitrary laws should be disobeyed automatically, just because.
  What about the schools?  Threaten an eye for an eye.  If you want to
be late, or skip, or eat in class, or wear headphones you should be able
to  -it's your education, not the teachers'.  If they let you get away
with it without being hassled, be considerate and don't push so hard you
over do it.  If they come down hard -- disrupt the class, strike back,
do anything and everyhing.  Make it known you will like and let live,
buy you can fight fire with fire if you have to.
  The schools belong to the students and should be run by the students!
A student coucil that doesn't attack the administration isn't doing its
job.  Make your presence known.  If the classes are boring and the
homework is useless or stupid or too hard -- let the teacher know.  Just
ignoring them and not doing the homework is only going to piss them off
and get you bd grades.  If a bunch of you demand an interesting class
for once or else you amke life miserable, the teacher will have to
listen.  Widen the struggle.  make a war over issues and strustures, not
minor points or single people.  Teachers want you to be quiest and pay
attention so you can "learn."  It's impossible to do this if you're
frustrated and bored out of your skull.  So let them know it!  Let them
know you want something worthwhile and fun to do, not just busywork and
until then NO ONE will pay attention.  This makes the teacher look bad,
not you, especially if you complain to all sorts of people, and with
persistance things can change for the better.
  Also widen the struggle to include the teachers.  Realize a lot fo
them have it rough.  they get ordered around by the school board and the
administrators, and ofter have no control over what they are teaching
you.  They also getpaid very poorly.  If you can, get some teachers
onyour side, team up with them agaist the system.  you can transform the
schools into decent places not prisons.  Don't be agraid to test limits,
confront your rulers, question, criticize, aact, talk to people.  As a
teenager you can get away with a hell of a lot.
  GETTING YOUR ACT TOGETHER:  Don't let little differences divide us.
We can't afford to be seperated into cliques.  Jocks, weidoes, rocker,
brains, longharis, punks, preppeis, nerds, burnouts, whatever.  We call
each other all these names and hide out in our own littell groups --
we're only hurting ourselves by doing this!  Whatever clothes you wear,
music you listen to, or cars you drive, whke up and realize WE'RE ALL IN
THE SAME BOAT!  We're all up agaist adults, and shouldn't matter.  We
should all be able to talk to each other, get together, join forces.
United we stand, divided we fall.  If we all team up in our battle,
nothing can stop us.
  HISTORY LESSON:  A lot of you probably think the hippies in the 60's
were a bunch of stupid freask who dressed funny and did alot of drugs.
elieve it or not, they changed a lot of things in the schools, and you
can learn from their example.  They had their act together and know how
to get things done.  They knew that if a lot of teenagers demand
soemthing and refuse to give in, it's the parents, the
schools--society--that will have to change.
  It was the hippies that made it possible for girls to wear pants to
schook, getting rid of other dress codes as well.  Until the 60's guys
had to wear ties and have crewcuts.  You wear your T-shirts, jeans, and
hairstyles thanks to the hippies.
  They knew how to exercise power.  If there was something going on they
didn't like, they would shut the school down.  Thousands of high schools
were either closed or destoryed during the 60's becasue enough people
got together --and they got away with it!  Hippies did everything!  They
got away with smoking, drinking -even having sex-- in the classroooms!
Where I'm from you can't even smoke within sigh of the school!  Hippies
were able to increase the pressuer util they were treated like humans,
not animals.  They changed thir schook, their teachers, their classes
-boring teachers ahd their periods boycotted.
  When you mobilize --wehn youget teenagers together with a plan of
action -- you are unstoppable.  A high school can't expel 700 kids.
Doesn't this organization amke more sense thangetting casught and
punished one-by-one?
  If you create a free personal life and a free educational process when
you're young, then rebel youth, as a group, will be ready and able to
take on a world of bogus laws and lousys jobs when you get out into the
world.  We, the teenagers, have the power totear this system down!
  Don't be fooled by parents and teachers who tell you that you have to
follow rules to get ahead.  What's the point of getting ahead if you
can't escape stupid rules?  And why can't we create our OWN society
where everyone gets ahead and nobldy has to bow down to bullshit?  Don't
believe their lies that "you'll get over it" "this rebelliousness is
just a phase."  you only get over it if they shoot you down --or if you
turn traitor and become one of them.  Adults tell you its impossible to
change the world.  That's because they're too chicken to try.
  Adults who see this are gonna be upset.  First, becuase it challenges
their authority.  They think they're the kings and queens of the whole
world and they can't stand a smart-ass.  Whay they don't know is, WE'RE
  Second, they aren't gonna like the language.  Too many swear words
"poisoning" your minds.  What they don't know is that we all curse
already, and we do it alot, and we don't really care it they think it's
O.K. or not.  If we all stood up and an assembly and yelled "Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck!" they'd have to accept that words like "Fuck" are part of our
everyday language and they might as well stop bitching, becuase we
aren't going to change.
  We've got to take our rebellion and anger out into the open.  This is
the only way we can change the system --and it can be changed.  Adults
have little use for us.  We don't fit into their world.  There's no room
for us in their society.  School is just an excuse to keep us off the
streets.  But we can use school as a training ground from which to take
over the streets.
  One last word about how you rebel --THINK FOR YOURSELF, do it your won
way.  For example heavy metal bands write songs thatwill piss off your
parents 0they do this becuase they know that anything that will piss off
your parents is something to ahve.  In other words, they know kids will
juy it.  The same is true of campanies that make pre-ripped or
outrageous chothing and disgusting products.  They're betting you'll buy
it just to tick adults off.
  These poepl and companies are not on your side.  They are using you,
making money off your anger, frustration and rebellion.  They are just
as bad as the adults who want to control you.  they aren'tout to see you
succeed or help you -- they want to channel your agression into buying
their stuff and making them rich.  If you ever won your freedom they
would go broke.  Don't be fooled by the bastards.  Decide for yourself
what is good becase YOU like it, not becasue it`s "cool" or
"We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control.  No dark
sarcasm in the classroom.  Hey, teacher leave those kids alone!" -Pink
"School's out for summer.  School's out forever.  School's been blown to
pieces." -Alice Cooper
"Kids don't care about books orr ruels, all they wanna do it burn their
schools! We gotta burn, burn, burn 'em down." --Abrasive Wheels
This pamplet is broung to you by your local Anarchitst Youth Generation
chapter.  We are young people just like you, who have come to the
realization that todays society is stifling and oppressive.  The time is
now to break out of this vicious cycle of isolation and destruciton.  FI
anything is to be accomplished, we must unite and find out strngth in
  Now is the time to get together, and establish a federation of
anarchist youth and youth groups.  With a network of coummincation open
between anarchists and youth everywhere, we can work together to gith
agaist oppression and spread the ideals of youth rebellion.
Communication, action, and liberation.
  Anarchism is not just violence or lawlessness.  It is a belief in the
freedom of humanity, and the belief that we can all get along witout
cops, rules, force, bosses or any other authority.  Thousands of
teenages around the world have fought and died for anarchy.
Their fight is your fight.  Join us.....
|     Sid    |              |
|    Lyric of the Week:  Texas hoe-down, here is the low-down    |
|       you're full of shit and destined to go down." -RevCo     |

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