Analysis of snowflake, details, vision, fuzziness, nearsightedness Kenneth Udut

Having suffered from poor vision my entire life, I’m aware of contrast but for me, the sharp lines of contrast are less impressive – perhaps due to not getting glasses ’til I was 7 and having extreme nearsightedness.

There are two mechanisms in the brain for discerning objects; the one that makes the imaginary crispy lines of perspective and outlining objects, and the other for the color and the texture and the fuzzies stuff of appearance.

Also not seeing in 3D in the same way as binocular vision (I tell by size difference, not by binocular vision… making my only 3 months of baseball in 7th grade somewhat frightening to me to be in the outfield once, as a ball came _straight at me_ and I watched it get bigger, but couldn’t get my glove in the right place quickly enough…. my system of crispy lines was probably utilized for different purposes, I suppose.

The machine is in there, but it got repurposed. I’m still trying to figure out “for what”, but I’m thinking it’s used for analysis of properties and attempts at clarity of expression by pointing out subtleties of color graduations, fuzziness, textures and variation.

I’ve always been obsessed by detail.

If you can deal with squeaky 7 yr old Kenneth Udut,…/snowflake-song-kenneth-udut-age-7
I wanted to play the sound of a snowflake falling, “In every detail” and then apologized because I couldn’t finish (because I ran out of piano room – not enough octaves) -

“Well, I didn’t finish but, it was good, wasn’t it?” – apologizing yet assuming it was good, yet expressing a tiny bit of doubt.

“Yes it was”, I sang and played in 3 abrasive notes that sought resolution to the chord

“Yes it was” I sang and replayed the broken up chord with certainty, finalizing it with the chord playing at once and saying “yes”.

It’s not that I’m narcissistic, but in the processes of trying to discern Universal truths, I find it’s been important to go back through my own personal history to try to understand my *own* beliefs, thought patterns, from the past and drawing my straight lines and contrast from the past to the present, to improve my future self.

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