An Entry I made to BBSMates about my BBS’s

Free Speech, Another Perspective, NJ Rational Mystics, Saturday’s Child

Sysop: Kenneth Udut, Simpleton
Sysop Email:
Software: Citadel, Free Speech, Waffle BBS, Spitfire
Network Affiliation(s): Fidonet
City, State: Roselle Park, NJ
Zip Code: 07204
Country: USA
Area Code: 908
Prefix: 241
Years Active: (1988-1999)
Still Active: No
Members: 1

Various systems over the years. Always had problems with Mom & the phone line. Early on, managed to get Usenet newsgroups and internet email going
on one of the BBS’ (I think it was NJ Rational Mystics). Spitfire is where I acquired thousands of files (Saturday’s Child – my first BBS) – the other BBS’ were not file-oriented).
I still have those files on diskette. Free Speech was my absolute favorite. Minimalist. Even simpler than a modern day “Guestbook”. Just a big long text file with a time/date stamp for the entries. Waffle was the most fun I had setting up – getting Usenet and Internet email going. I used Waffle for myself for years after I stopped running a Waffle BBS, just for email and such. I’m working on a BBS now, so keep your eyes peeled. Sometime before 2006 or 2007, I’ll remember to come back here and let ya know what it is.

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